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* nbme 15 discussion
  dreddy - 03/24/13 15:18
  Anyone who has taken nbme 15 we can start a post to discuss questions that came on the exam! Post questions, answers and explanations... Hoping this can help the people who are taking the exam soon!  
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  brainteaser - 03/25/13 20:00
  nope..aortic dissection is wrong..havent found the ans yet..

yeah its called empty can test..

i havent done DIT..what do u suggest on that
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  brainteaser - 03/25/13 20:06
  Following a stroke, a 68-year-old man has a language problem His speech is fluent but contains many grammatical errors, word substitutions, and neologisms. He is
unable to repeat words after the examiner and is apparently unable to comprehend other verbal requests Which of the following labeled sites on the photograph of the left
hemisphere is most likely to be damaged?
picture given:

My doubt is i thought it is a conduction defect with it should be arcuate fasiculus as he cannot repeat commands etc and i marked it I which was wrong

ans please:)
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  dreddy - 03/25/13 20:17
  i remember i put J as my answer and that was wrong....i though it was wernicke's only...

this guy couldnt comprehend so it cant be conduction----conduction has intact comprehension

DIT---i think its a great review of FA...if you havent done it you should...definitely will help you boost your score 10-30 points
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  dreddy - 03/25/13 20:19
  i am thinking the answer was H on the gross picture of the brain  
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  dreddy - 03/25/13 20:19
  superior temporal gyrus  
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  dreddy - 03/25/13 20:20
  have you taken nbme 7 or 12 yet?  
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  brainteaser - 03/25/13 20:26
  WHEN YOU HAVE CONDUCTION DEFECT YOU CANNOT REPEAT WORDS or commands..BUT here he has both as in comprehension as well as repeatation he has global aphasia which involves all 3 areas: brocas, wernickes and arcuate fasciculus..but my ans was I ( wrong)

can u explain this ans..just cannot understand

Which of the following viral gene segments segregates with progeny viruses that are resistant to ammonium chloride?(micro section)
B) m1/m2
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  brainteaser - 03/25/13 20:29
  H is angular gyrus which will have acalculia , agraphia

i have taken 7 1 month back which i should have taken later..i will be taking 12 after doing my weak spots..
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  dreddy - 03/25/13 20:37
  Well i think it has to be H, I or J....and i put J you put I so i am guessing it should be H...i mean the other answer choices dont even make sense unless its like F?

This was a tough question
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* Re:nbme 15 discussion
  dreddy - 03/25/13 20:37
  The way the picture is angled its difficult to tell what is that I am looking at it could it be F?  
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