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* got a 224 :) my story!
  vishdev88 - 04/18/13 12:49
  Hi Guys,

I got a 224 yesterday. Wrote exam on march 27th. I Am happy with my results.

I would like to thank ROGER for always answerin my doubts and tellin me how to approach UW and Nbmes... What he/she said is right. NBMES predicted me correctly. I met many people on this forum who have now bcome so close to me, Without them I wudnt have the courage and motivation to move on and give my exam...

let me tell u what I did wrong...

1... read many experiences where people said the exam is so doable, so easy if u know UW and FA.... Sorry guys.. the exam was TOUGH, It was almost as tough as UW( maybe even more) for some questions.. Uphcourse there are easy questions, easier than UW or NBMEs but that will help u get a pass only,, to cross the 210 220 and 230 scale I reallythink u need to have thorough knowledge of ur basic sciences. U need to know the shit out of UW, do allnbmes and study FA with understanding of concepts...

2-- Neglected Biochem and anatomy as compared to other subjects.... Guys u will not believe it,,, In my 9 months of prep I barely studied anatomy, I did FA and UW, but never read kaplan or neuro from outside... My exam was a chunk of anat.... lot of things from UW, lot of things I never read bfore. BUt I have no idea, maybe it is knowledge from medical school or logic, I got a high performance star on it for exam. Do not think UW and FA is enuf.... its not... esp for neuro( diagrams) musculoskeletal. U may get it right on usmle but u will shiver thru ur questions..... so I really suggest something more for it if u want to ace with 240 above.

3---Biochem was a chunk chunk chunk... OMG .... Fr me molecular bio sucked.!! I went in to exam knowing I wont know mol bio well, I was prepared for the attack.... But really It was a lot of questions, I felt my biochem was hard too.. I had genetics too as well. But I think Genetics from UW and FA was fine for me. My mark has come down coz of Biochem. I am sure if I hadnt made silly mistakes (I knew I made some when i went to a diff block on exam itself))) maybe 10 or more... and if I read maybe biochem for 2 more days i wud have croseed 230 def!!!! but tthats ok. If i did that maybe I wud have fallen elsewhere.... so no prob....

3... attempted to be a pathologist reading goljan in my early prep... close this book and start pathoma.... My opinion, pls dont shout at me!!!,,, Really the month i read goljan if i had read pathoma I cud have read biochem maybe.

4 Gave an NBME too late.... Guys do NBME do NBME do NBME..... so what if u r not ready fait it... learn from the mistakes... I dont care if u are in India, pakistan, australia, Hunagary or denmark,USA or UAE Give it online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NBMEs are predictive!!

5...give nbme early in to prep, maybe 2 months of prep.... then do acc to nbme scoes.. if u cross say 200 or 210 I think u are in very good shape... if u fail it then that means u dhavnt covered HY topics, once u cover them u shud be in 200s.. iF not is when kaplan comes..... FA UW FA UW after that till ur exam... going back to weak areas....

6---- Underestimated UW.... OMG.. more imp than FA... Read each question, its answers and explanatons... annotate it to FA.... If u do pathoma then its like u have already done 80% of UW patho. so I loved pathoma as I really didnt enjoy doing UW initially. Maybe it is because I felt the questions were so tough.. so twisted.. wud the real exam be like this.. is this what makes me think like a good doctor etc etc...... UWSA never predicted for me.. I got a 203 on USWA2 early in prep and a 216 2 weeks bfore. I never cncentrated when doin them so much,, just wanted to revise questions afterward. in to serious depression in th emiddle of my prep,... was really difficult to come out of it.... I never logged on to forum as everyone was just sayn FA UW UW FA ... its easy to say difficult to do.... It took a lot of courage then to face failure in the form of nbmes....

my first nbme 175 or 186 dont remember how much now.. cozz it was so depressing. maybe in december end.nbme 5.

second nbme I think nbme 6 was a 195,, I passed so I thot ok fine,..... shud continue UW and FA...
then UWSA 2 203.. didnt think much of jan

februray beginning nbme 12 196 again.. i thtot i t was tough
february 23rd after 2 weeks nbme 11 214 Was finally hoping and getting momentum.

nbme 13- 224 PREDICTED most for me.... in march beginning so I knew I was gonna write in march.

nbme 15- 233. 2 weeks bfore exam... I reallY found NBME 11, 13 and 15 good nbmes.. I mean easier... I think it differs from one to another... But while doin them I was more realaxed than say nbme 12 or 7.

when i redid nbme 12 after studiyin, I got a 230+

nbme 7 day bfore exam... haha u heard me... day bfore... 219.
I was shivering while doin it.. felt uncomfortable doin it... Did not feel it was direct from FA or UW.... but I thot.. its been long.. I crossed 230 in an nbme... I have to move on with my steps rather than wait to get a 260 and then think I am ready....

so here it is... 224.

The exam I had no time for any block revision, felt like I was doin UW and nbmes.... wasnt tired at all.. wasnt hungry at all,, made silly mistakes, took a break after each block. slept well the previous day...

had everythin in EQUAL proportion... Biochem, micro, pharm, path, physio ( lot of graphs,, do BRS physio if weak in physio))) anat and BS...

guys I got a star with high in Behavioural, anatomy and Hematology.... where I went bad in biochem... so pls read it,, read mol bio.. they are there to attack u on it if ur ideas are not well ... hehe...

GL to all.... u can ask me anythin but I doubt u will have any doubts after my long chatter... so GL and keep it movin.. Its a hard long journey and everyone is bound to have ups and downs unless u are a super man or somethin.... :))

I was slightly misled by forum on say goljan and how exams are rite from FA and UW, how biochem is less tested... or how anat is less exam is full patho... no no no.. everythin is equal......Yes u can df get above 230 if u know FA and UW completely.. that means u shud know everythin from it... u cant not be comfy with a line on it...

take an nbme... guys online!!

Best wishes.

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* Re:got a 224 :) my story!
  vishdev88 - 04/18/13 16:34
  anatomy.... I did FA and UW well... I knew each question in anatomy UW. its only 130 or so. U can finish in 2 days if u try... this was interesting to see in real exam.... they asked same concept from UW but twisted the question the other way around... for eg in UW there is a question abt renal artery being anastomosed to the external iliac for renal transplant.. So in UW they are askin external iliac is anastomosed to ???? but in exam it was renal aretery is anastomosed to... ????... so some are staright but twisted...

I didnt do anatomy Kaplan at all... I didnt listen to lectures nor read it..

Fr NEUROANATOMY I listened to kaplan lectures while going thru HY neuro anat. Very simple book. Good pictures esp angiograms. I wont say i read it, i wen tthru it while doing lectures.

DIt anatomy in all sections I did. Foe eg there are 17 lectures in neuroanat in DIT. I did them twice. Very good, I was confident in neuro after DIT. DIT NA really helped me. I did DIT for anatomy. Like when they teach Renal in DIT, I wud do renal FA, UW relevant anatomy.

Biochem do Fa and UW,,, do all of it well.. Do nbmes ... Go to some source for mol bio maybe HY. I am hesitant to say go to some book for biochem... as In exam it may be just mol bio where i may have done bad and not really proper biochem... as they are marked together. but biochem FA is really good ....ALL EXAMS ARE DIFF...... maybe u wont feel the same.... Do not avoid subjects is what I felt... Give importance to biochem and mol bio and antomy.. dont neglect anythin...

pay all subjects its due..:)

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* Re:got a 224 :) my story!
  totoro - 04/18/13 17:19
How can you get DIT , can we find free online or we have to buy it for $800 ?
and how long that you prepare your exam.
All of your writing were correct! , i prepared 11 months , used only FA and Uworld , UWSA and i failed .
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* Re:got a 224 :) my story!
  vanessa2013 - 04/18/13 17:39
  Thank you very much for sharing.


I fell into the ''trap'' of doing FA and UWorld for 5months, then took NBME 11 about 9weeks ago, scored 179. l felt l was missing something, studied hard and took 12 yesterday score 186 and was really depressed. how do you think l can improve on my NBMEs. I have till the end of May to take the test. My Uworld cummunlative is 69%, did DIT once, did RR about 9months ago, but forgot almost everything in it. What strategy do you think i can use to improve my score? go over uworld and FA again? or begin to read goljan? What do you suggest to be the most efficient way to improve in 5 weeks?
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* Re:got a 224 :) my story!
  vishdev88 - 04/18/13 17:45
  I got DIT online... many sites for free download... pls use 2012 dit and not 2011.... 2011 was boring.. u will quit it immediately!!! Search google.... :)

u can say I took 9 months from july to march but really to say truth real studies with focus and momentum were only dec, jan feb march..4 months!!!

U can do it in 5 months well.... but the thing is no one really starts to read until they do an nbme.... then when they dont improove they get depressed, confused, donno what to do.... then panic sets in.....

then u will limit sources,,, so u will go to FA and UW.... and the subjects which u think are most tested like patho, physio, neglect anat and biochem micro etc etc....

u can do it well in 5 months!!! focus, momentum, motivation. DIT, pathoma, UW and FA... kaplan lectures for micro, immuno, BS, physio, nbmes. U shud do well...

do not commit suicide by going for exam with not so comfortable nbmess...

at last u will only have nbmes to offer u comfort after u come back from exam.. :)

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* Re:got a 224 :) my story!
  vishdev88 - 04/18/13 17:50

stop GOLJAN, start pathoma... do pathoma a chap do corresponding UW and FA.
eg do neoplasia in pathoma, do its FA and do its UW... u will pik up scores this way...

do DIT for things u dont know well... eg immuno, genetics, neuro anat... no need of doin it like each day this this etc...

stop doin nbmes for 2 to 3 weeks and just study...

do pathoma, dit for weak areas, UW and FA. UW concentrate when u do it.. learn from it.. do not use it to asses ur knowledge. DO UWSA,,,, do the wrong and right answers, I mean review ur nbmes and UWSA.... U may get same ques on real exam..

do old nbmes 1 to 4 as well.. lot of concepts u can pik up.... U can improove .... ;))

no need of goljan.. it takes too long.. we shud use it in medical schooool.. if u did it in medical school go ahead for it.. otherwise pathoma helps in a lot..

1 saves tme
2 helps with UW and FA studies
3- lectures are excellent, covers HY topics very well.
4 helps in other topics as well like physio, micro etc etc

Good luck :)
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* Re:got a 224 :) my story!
  vishdev88 - 04/18/13 17:57

I never read kaplan books.. but I highly recommend their lectures.... Esp for MICRO, IMMUNO, Behavioural, PHYSIO, neuroanat, biochem!!!oh and PHARM was great.

I used to keep listenin to lectures even if i didnt read.... esp ethics and BS.

go to kaplan lectures at weak areas.... :)
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* Re:got a 224 :) my story!
  vanessa2013 - 04/18/13 18:25
  Thanks a lot. l would love to have pathoma but l can't afford it at this time. l'm not sure if there is a place l can download it. I have the videos for Kaplan but l'm afraid it may be too time consuming.

You are such a wonderful person, you take so much time to explain to people.....May God Bless you more and more. Thank you so much.
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* Re:got a 224 :) my story!
  usmlerelief - 04/18/13 18:29
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* Re:got a 224 :) my story!
  vishdev88 - 04/18/13 18:50
  Vanessa gimme ur email id.  
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* Re:got a 224 :) my story!
  acestep - 04/18/13 18:57
  thank you vishdev88, God bless you  
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