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* Multiple attempts
  aman84 - 04/26/13 05:43
  Hi !
I am kind of stuck in a situation, but hope would get out of it
my creds 90/217, 88/213, 2cs(4 attempts), step3 75/191(2 attempts). a green card holder,
2009 grad frm med school and home residency finished 2012. have International oral presentation, poster presentation and a chapter and couple of publication in cardiology.
How can I improve my chances any suggestions ?
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* Re:Multiple attempts
  doktah99 - 04/26/13 11:33
  4 CS attempts ?? Sorry friend even I don't know anyone with 4 CS attempts and matched. I have heard 2 fails matching. Best chance for you is community FM program. Try to go to to your local community hospital and ask to do free rotation like externship or volunteer. U can make friends with PD and have some hope?

Good luck. I am sure someone before u has been in same position and found success
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* Re:Multiple attempts
  5344 - 04/26/13 13:27
  aman, i have heard many getting residency even after 4th attempt. one even got prematched in neuro. they had to work really hard to prove themselves. one did externship for 9 months without pay, helped in research. since u got gc, find good observership and keep doing until u get residency. after coming this far, definately no way to give up. chances are low but definately don't give up.  
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* Re:Multiple attempts
  lizvin235 - 04/28/13 01:24
  green card holder and finished home residency ..where did you do your residency?  
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* Re:Multiple attempts
  lizvin235 - 04/28/13 01:24
  and which subjects have you done your residency?  
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* Re:Multiple attempts
  mikajee - 04/28/13 06:05
  I am sorry, its a very tough situation. try applying to lesser demanding specialties like, peds, psy, patho etc. also try in institutes where you know ppl that can help you.

on the whole it seems difficult but i wish you all the best.
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* Re:Multiple attempts
  residencylover - 04/28/13 09:50
  Hi Aman

Please contact, will hammer it out. Have few ideas want to discuss which might lead to success!

Take care
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* Re:Multiple attempts
  andy67 - 04/30/13 23:40
  doctah9's advice is very appropriate and seem to be possible,,try that way.
Otherwise it will be tough,brother!
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* Re:Multiple attempts
  andy67 - 04/30/13 23:41
  Contacts help most ,my own current experience.Rest in the hands of Almighty!  
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* Re:Multiple attempts
  blacksheep - 05/01/13 11:14
  @andy67, can u please share ur scores? how many attempts did u have? and in which steps?
which residency you got in? please guide. thanks
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* Re:Multiple attempts
  aman84 - 05/11/13 04:43
  3 failed attempts in cs, 1 in step 3, step 1 and 2 are without attempts.  
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