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* Applicants for Pathology 2014 match !!
  cmk2013 - 09/10/13 16:23
  Hello friends,
kindly share your queries and experience over here.
would be beneficial for all of us
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* Re:Applicants for Pathology 2014 match !!
  hopein13 - 09/10/13 17:41
  Good start cmk2013.
I am wondering though which states are most friendly to IMG regarding pathology? I have been looking into few programs' selection criteria and found most are reasonable compared to Internal medicine. Your thoughts?
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* Re:Applicants for Pathology 2014 match !!
  alaleh - 09/10/13 18:06
  I started same subject for Pathology while ago but nobody has responded to it. Good that you started it again. I guess getting into pathology is harder than IM overall since they have fewer spots! I am using Matcharesident website for IMG friendly, but honestly I found it useless. Frieda has more information in it and its free and to be frank, who knows which program is IMG friendly. They have only few statistics from previous years and that doesn't mean if you are good they don't want you because you are an IMG. For example MATCHARESIDENT says that UCSD does not get visa for you but I have 3 of friends who are studying Pathology in UCSD!!
I am trying to be very positive!!!! Maybe what I just said is not very true but let's be optimistic which we need to be now!

Good luck to everybody.
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* Re:Applicants for Pathology 2014 match !!
  anais - 09/10/13 18:46
  I hated matcharesident list at first, but then I found it somewhat useful - it helped me pay attention at programs not included (Why?) and I learnt that they do not give visa, have 0 IMGs, ect. I also think that knowing % of IMGs in program kinda helps if you are applying to limited number of programs.

Looks like I will be applying to approximately 110 programs))))
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* Re:Applicants for Pathology 2014 match !!
  alaleh - 09/11/13 00:28
  I agree that knowing the % helps a lot, but I personally will apply for even programs who get only 4%! who knows really!
But I didn't see any program who does not get visa! is there any really? Maybe I haven't paid enough attention to it :(

Anyway good luck to you all. Lets stay in touch here everybody.
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* Re:Applicants for Pathology 2014 match !!
  anais - 09/11/13 00:41
Orlando Health sth, and also one program in NJ -you can easy find it, it is one out of 3 (check Freida). I will keep on checking if I have time, I am sure there's got to be 1 or 2 more out there.

Yes, I guess I will apply to programs with 4% IMGs, but I am debating whether to apply to programs that have NO IMGs - like U of Maryland.
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* Re:Applicants for Pathology 2014 match !!
  neuroanatomy - 09/11/13 12:58
  hi friends h abt wow e apply without any genuine experience in patho.
family medicine is very tough to get in, and did not match last year. so I do not know if I can apply for pathology spots if possible this year.

gl to all
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* Re:Applicants for Pathology 2014 match !!
  cmk2013 - 09/12/13 12:40
  good to hear from you all
i will try to apply as much as i can but you never know what happens.
There are programs with no recent IMGs but had few 3-4 years back so no harm in applying as may be we are lucky enough to get into one
this is what many ppl said to me
what do you say guys

good luck to all of us :)
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* Re:Applicants for Pathology 2014 match !!
  cmk2013 - 09/12/13 12:43
  guys need to know one thing.
if i submit to few programs and after a week to another bunch so i can make payment in step wise it ok
as i dont have way to pay at one to all programs as i might be applying to 100 +
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* Re:Applicants for Pathology 2014 match !!
  cmk2013 - 09/16/13 03:21
  hello friends....are you done with application submission
i am waiting for my 3rd lor to get uploaded
hopefully i will start applying within 2-3 days
does it matter if i apply after a couple of days ??
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* Re:Applicants for Pathology 2014 match !!
  alaleh - 09/16/13 03:22
  @cmk2013: I am in the same boat. When did you submit the 3rd one?
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