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* ccs protocol
  sublimation - 03/04/13 13:14
  hi DOCS....what is the ccs protocol on genital and rectal examination for a female pt.?
should it be done only when it is indicated/there is associated complaint or problem.
OR it should be a part of each complete physical exam.
thank you so much
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* Re:ccs protocol
  sublimation - 03/04/13 13:22
  please comment on breast,genital,rectal exam................thanks  
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* Re:ccs protocol
  satori - 03/04/13 13:32
  generally if she's coming in with vague complaints like fatigue, do everything (incl'g rectal,genital) but if its an emergent case unless directly related to these organs, no need to do them on the initial physical.

if she came in for something random, something else.. but the history did show mult sexual partners etc then even if the case wasnt related to it you would want to at some later point during the case cover a genital exam.

now in real life abd pain does get a rectal exam, but for this exam it doesnt seem like one should do a rectal for this pt asap...
they also dont really seem to care if you eventually do a rectal/genital even later for a patiet with no indications...

so bottom line is, its all going to depend on the urgency and history.

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* Re:ccs protocol
  sublimation - 03/04/13 13:53
  @satori...................thank you so much  
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