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* FRED software
  dimaria - 10/22/14 14:31
  Does anyone know how we can download the fred free 150 software? And is it the same as the 131 sample questions provided online at

Thank you.
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* Re:FRED software
  sweety_usmle - 10/22/14 14:46
  They are the same. I mean i dont really know how many questions but they are the one on the site you mentioned. You need WINDOWS for that, Mac wont support rather the porgram is not supported on Mac.  
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* Re:FRED software
  dimaria - 10/26/14 14:46
  Thank you sweety_usmle :)  
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* Re:FRED software
  satheeshkumarmv - 10/26/14 18:22
  You can get it from it doesn't worth as a sample test. You can do the tutorial and skip that for original exam. That's all it worth.
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* Re:FRED software
  wariss - 04/05/21 02:11
  The main title here is FRED software but there is nothing much that could help people in getting to know what this was all about. If you think can be of some help then I would like to go for it in a better way. Maybe you would like to do some search now.  
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