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* Breast cancer screening
  penelope24 - 12/16/14 03:55
  So the only info I know is we screen for it every 2 yrs from the ages of 50-75. Now what is the screening frequency if:

1. they have one first degree relative with it:

2. they are BRCA1 or BRCA2 positive:

3. there is a history of Li Freumani:

idk why I cant find that info in any of my books.

Also if anyone feels like adding how the management of it goes, I'd appreciate it. thanks!
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* Re:Breast cancer screening
  mmusmle - 12/17/14 14:25
  Ok let me clarify in the form of question format

A pt of age 42yrs comes for annual medical exam. Her mother died at age 45yrs bec of Ca breast. What will u do next?

A) Order mammogram now
B) Tell her to get mammogram at age 50yrs
C)Offer tamoxifen now

Pl answer!! Thanks.
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* Re:Breast cancer screening
  penelope24 - 12/17/14 14:27
  is it C?  
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* Re:Breast cancer screening
  usmle8484 - 12/17/14 14:35

@mmusmle, thanks for the updated info
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* Re:Breast cancer screening
  penelope24 - 12/17/14 14:37
  so i read that if Li Freumeni is present, we start breast cancer screening at 25. is that right?  
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* Re:Breast cancer screening
  mmusmle - 12/17/14 14:39
  @usmle8484 You are most welcome. Thanks to both of you for answering the question.

No It is B

Tamoxifen only if they mention BRCA+ve in the question stem
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* Re:Breast cancer screening
  mmusmle - 12/17/14 14:40
  @penelope No even in Li Freumeni we start at 50yrs.
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* Re:Breast cancer screening
  mmusmle - 12/17/14 14:46
  My dear friends

Golden rule for the exam you need to make generalised summary for everything which will help in easy recall.


I would request you guys to pl read the FULL summary report at least once and then make your summary . This is what I did.

Thank you!!
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* Re:Breast cancer screening
  penelope24 - 12/17/14 14:50
  ok thank you for the q !

can you guys check out this says that if you have li fraumeni then you should have annual breast screening starting around 25 yo along with colorectal cancer screening
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* Re:Breast cancer screening
  usmle8484 - 12/17/14 15:04
  Ohhh thats right, I think tamoxifen is given when 2 first degree relative have Breast Cancer  
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* Re:Breast cancer screening
  mmusmle - 12/17/14 15:06
  penelope You are welcome and thank for bringing up a nice discussion.

I read that study and yes they do recommend at age 25.

But remember for the exam they follow USPSTF guidelines and not individual studies.

That is why I recommend you to read the full summary report and it says age 50 clearly and they have discussed various scenarios too.
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