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* I did not match, please advise.
  iceman100 - 03/20/14 08:23
  I congratulate everyone who matched, and i request those who matched to please advise on necessary improvements to make my cv strong . My credentials are 235/244/213/1st attempt/2011 and 3 good letters(applied with 4 letters on the whole). I have 4 months externships at private clinics, and 3 months university observership. I have 6 months of research now, but just 2 months at the time of application. I applied on 23 Sept. I applied to 130 programs and got 2 ivs, i thought i did good on the iv but unfortunately did not match. i realized during the interview that one of the letters had major flaws.
I now think, the late application coupled with the flawed letter and probable mediocre performance on my ivs resulted in me going unmatched.

i now plan on doing research at a reputed place and get a good letter.

kindly advise if there is anything els i can do to make my profile better. research vs externship
Thank you
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  iceman100 - 03/20/14 16:37
  And i applied to every community hospital that is img friendly.  
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  canada1 - 03/21/14 05:43
What speciality did you apply for? I feel your late application was the main reason for such few ivs.

Your plan on doing research in an ivy league institute is excellent! GL
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  mcmatch - 03/22/14 00:44
  My advice is apply to IMG friendly places. Apply to IM, FM , Psych, and whatever else IMGs get. Make sure LOR are perfect before submitting. Choose option not to see them before submitting but obviously see them before they submit them which takes someone you trust to work with you. Give enough time for them to write them before submitting them. Make sure your personal statement is truly an original piece. I got many compliments on my PS which stood out. It was a work of art.

If you are before the five years post graduate from medical school make sure you meet the requirements of the places you apply so you don't waste their time or your money. If 5 years post graduate from medical school go all out in applying to get interviews. Brush up on interview skills so you don't blow it.
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  iceman100 - 03/22/14 08:16
  Thank you all for the input. I think i should start working on my personal statement, Letters, cv. And this time apply on the dot, Sept 15.  
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  yourfavourite - 03/24/14 20:45
  @mcmatch - can you mail me your e-mail address, need advise on PS thanks my e-mail id thanks  
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  discover04 - 03/24/14 21:30
  Hi iceman100,

I am also in same boat like you. I have decent scores 224/222/196(1 attempt) 7-8 months of observership, currently working on a research project, 2010 and need visa. I applied to ped, fm and im on the very first day of application. Just had 2 iv and final result is 'unmatched'. It is so depressing that you work so hard for years and still stand no where.

I am trying to analyze flaws in my application which I can control for next year.
If you would like we can stay in touch and work together to improve our CVs, my id is
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  kingz - 03/16/15 16:50
  buddy there is a will there is a way your will need to be strong  
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  aimz250 - 03/16/15 17:48
  Hi... I have the same scores as you with 2010 YOG and no research experience and 1 yr obsie. This is my 2nd year in match and I matched. Last yr i got 2iv and also I got step 3 result 3 weeks after I applied last year. The only difference this time was I did obsie at 2 residency programs. I got one LOR from PD. All my letters were waived and all my 4 letters were from US and specialty specific. Last time when my friends tried to recommended me i didn't get the IV and they told me that my letters may be weak. I feel this time the strong letters helped me get 7 Ivs. MY personal statement is better this time. What I personally came to know through a chief resident is its important to get a strong waived letter. Its ok even if its a small community program. If its from faculty, PD, associate PD its very good. iv league looks good on the CV but a mediocre letter from iv league faculty wont help much. I believe the letters made a great difference for me this match. Good luck.  
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  sami2013 - 03/16/15 17:59
  Watch out for posts by @drshawnohara . He is a certified nutcase in LI. He was kicked out of residency in the 90s because he's a whack-job. Now he is just trying to sell you nonsense in this period of stress.  
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  jackolantern - 03/14/16 08:33
  Advise him  
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