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* I did not match, please advise.
  iceman100 - 03/20/14 08:23
  I congratulate everyone who matched, and i request those who matched to please advise on necessary improvements to make my cv strong . My credentials are 235/244/213/1st attempt/2011 and 3 good letters(applied with 4 letters on the whole). I have 4 months externships at private clinics, and 3 months university observership. I have 6 months of research now, but just 2 months at the time of application. I applied on 23 Sept. I applied to 130 programs and got 2 ivs, i thought i did good on the iv but unfortunately did not match. i realized during the interview that one of the letters had major flaws.
I now think, the late application coupled with the flawed letter and probable mediocre performance on my ivs resulted in me going unmatched.

i now plan on doing research at a reputed place and get a good letter.

kindly advise if there is anything els i can do to make my profile better. research vs externship
Thank you
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  iluvmedicine - 03/21/16 22:52
  more research and volunteering.  
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  mszzeta - 03/28/16 23:30
  Your package is pretty good

Do not use the bad letter and reapply this year and you are very likely to match. It is that somple!
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  fammedtiger - 05/20/16 17:05
  I've read through many of the recommendations and I thought I might give my two cents. I am a PC, so while I haven't personally applied in the Match, I know what my PD looks for, as well as what some of the other PDs in my university look for. There are two things you really can't help and that's needing a visa and your yog. There are SOOOO many GREAT applicants out there that most programs are going to go with a "sure thing." This means that most programs aren't going to want to deal with the visa process and I'm not sure when the last time you worked clinically, but that is also a potential downfall.

Applying on Sept 23, as opposed to Sept 15 did NOT hurt your application. Many programs don't even start sifting through the hundreds of applications that come in until after the first week. If you are a good enough applicant, more than likely, you will get one of the first round of interviews regardless of applying 9/15 or 9/23.

Finally, I haven't seen what your main field of choice is, but research doesn't do a whole lot for family medicine when you could be working clinically somewhere. A previous poster shared that they did an observership at a couple of residency programs. This is GREAT advice. For one, if you are great, someone will write you an excellent letter. Faculty in residency programs know what they are looking for in letters for other people, so they tend to fill in that same information when they are writing letters. Second, it gives you exposure to some "contacts." Even if that program can't take you, someone may know someone that can help you get an interview somewhere else. Finally, it gives you the clinical experience that many programs are looking for in old grads.
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* Img programs for general surgery
  drgmurtaza - 06/18/16 12:30
  Hi guys,

Need some help. What are img friendly programs for surgery? does any one have recent list?

I will appreciate the help.
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  allahspakidoc - 06/20/16 09:53
  i highly recommend using collegescribe . com for help with personal statements and letters of recommendation. they wrote a lot of the material for me, and despite low scores i was able to match in NYC. they are great, and their advice regarding the essays is excellent.  
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  rocephin - 09/10/16 15:54
  Hi, friends. do I have to contact FSMB to send my step 3 transcript to programs or it's made available by ecfmg along with the rest of transcripts?  
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  parmesh495 - 07/12/17 05:21
  your scores were too good that was bad luck... you should have tried externships in hospitals rather than clinics  
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  jadnar - 11/28/17 09:30
  You have yet to tell us what specialty you applied for. Which was it?  
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  workhard11 - 12/15/17 12:02
  Any option if this happens  
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* Re:I did not match, please advise.
  2pac - 02/06/18 22:29
* Re:I need a private tutor for Step 3 to score high
usmleacer99 - 10/14/13 18:56

You should try his free Step 3 sessions!!! Look him up if you are really in need for Step 3 help..
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