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* Jackson Park Externship
  tantantan - 03/22/14 10:36
  anyone going in june????  
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* Re:Jackson Park Externship
  tantantan - 03/22/14 21:39
  Please help... any one been there previously??  
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* Re:Jackson Park Externship
  sys_71082 - 03/22/14 22:00
  ive been there. you dont do work in the actual hospital anymore (previous years they let you now they dont) ...instead you go through nursing homes. its definitely a good experience still, just a bit on the expensive side  
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* Re:Jackson Park Externship
  ryemd - 03/23/14 03:20
  I did my FM externship last yr. Mornings: in-patient x 4weeks, afternoon,mostly nursing homes, some days out-patient. Being an IMG with no USCE, it was a really good eye-opener for me how the US medical system works. It's worth it. South side of Chicago sounds like not a good location, but don't worry, you'll be fine. Not as scary as I thought. You rotate with other externs and med students as well.
Good Luck! ^_^
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* Re:Jackson Park Externship
  nkc - 03/23/14 03:23
  Do they offer internal med subspecialties for externship obs? Do we have to call to apply?  
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* Re:Jackson Park Externship
  nkc - 03/23/14 03:33
  Is it only FM or do they offer IM too?
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* Re:Jackson Park Externship
  drtimmy - 03/23/14 04:17
i hv heard that the are where its located is not good...

where did u guys stay and hw did u commute??
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* Re:Jackson Park Externship
  nkc - 03/23/14 05:56
  Best part of Chicago is the's an amazing network of blue line, metro, cta bus....u can reach every corner easily..
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* Re:Jackson Park Externship
  nkc - 03/23/14 05:57
  Did u called for the internship spot or emailed to golston?  
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* Re:Jackson Park Externship
  drtimmy - 03/23/14 06:40
  hw do u apply for the externship?
i did not find any link in the website as to how email it
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* Re:Jackson Park Externship
  tantantan - 03/23/14 11:45
  Thanks everyone for your inputs.. IM, Peds, FM externships are available I think...  
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