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* education remediation
  abhy - 07/31/14 12:58
  whats this? when we choose this?  
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* Re:education remediation
  drcolors - 07/31/14 13:34  
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* Re:education remediation
  abhy - 07/31/14 13:57
  hey thanks.:)
.i forgot how to use google.. :(
should have google it..
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* Re:education remediation
  seyoka5923 - 06/22/20 03:27
  The procedure for leaving and leaving the academy:

1) sending an application for academic leave to the leadership of the educational institution;
2) receipt within 10 days of a management decision;
3) in the case of a positive decision - the use of academic leave;
4) writing an application for withdrawal from academic leave;
5) execution of the order on the return of the student to the educational process;
6) return to training.

What are the rules for ending academic leave?
To leave the academic leave (at the end of the period of time for which it was granted, or ahead of schedule), you must:

1) write a statement addressed to the head of the educational institution;
2) in case of exit of academic leave according to medical indications - to receive the conclusion of the medical commission with admission to training.

Is it possible to leave the academic leave ahead of schedule?
If you are ready to start the educational process, you are ready to write your essays yourself, and not use the service which is the cheapest and highest quality writing service, then you can leave your academic leave ahead of schedule. Yes, the law provides for the opportunity to prematurely leave the academy (to interrupt academic leave). To do this, it is necessary to submit a statement addressed to the rector indicating the reason for the early termination of the vacation. If the academy was issued on medical grounds, you will have to go through a medical expert commission.
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