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* Question regarding monitoring on CCS
  hopetomatchsoon - 09/23/14 22:40
  I notice that for certain cases you must monitor vitals like BP and pulse to see how the patient is doing. So one of the ways of doing so is to type orders like "check cardiac monitor" or "check BP" and choose whatever frequency you like. However, when you're transferring patients to the ward or icu, they automatically give you vitals every 8 hours or every 4 hours respectively. So you get the latest BP or pulse every few hours. So if I transferred my patient to the ward or icu without writing separate orders to check BP or pulse, will I still get points for monitoring BP and/or pulse? Or should still order these things separately regardless of where the patient is at?  
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* Re:Question regarding monitoring on CCS
  vesodoc - 09/23/14 23:21
  I noticed that too. But what happened was that either it would say "already ordered" or something lie that, or it would not notice it at all. I guess not. As long as you once wrote them, the machine admits you've done it. Just don't d/c them, untimely :)  
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* Re:Question regarding monitoring on CCS
  hopetomatchsoon - 09/24/14 08:13
  So if you just transfer them to the icu or ward, does that not count as monitoring? That's what I want to know.  
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* Re:Question regarding monitoring on CCS
  gmason - 09/24/14 20:22
  yes, you should keep monitoring orders in the initial set itself so they keep running in the background and keep fetching you score automatically. Dr.Red (Archer) says in his CCS that Monitoring is very important and high score goes to different sections of monitoring. You should monitor efficacy of drug or procedure and side effects of drug
for example, ordering cxr after putting chest tube in tension pneumothorax is monitoring the effect of intervention - chest tube.
While you have to order such monitoring after intervention, some clinical and lab monitoring can occur in the background automatically if you set a frequency
examples ; monitoring in altered mental status - Neurochecks every 2 hours
monitoring septic shock : continuous BP , Arterial line, CVP monitor q2hrs; mixed venous oximetry q2hrs
monitoring shock patients on pressor - put arterial line and select continuous BP monitoring
Monitoring DKA : glucose q1hr and BMP q4hours
So, you just put these type of orders along with your initial order set and they keep running in background s you advance clock and gets you score for monitoring ...
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* Re:Question regarding monitoring on CCS
  jublee - 04/04/15 21:42
  good summary on monitoring  
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* Re:Question regarding monitoring on CCS
  iara2 - 08/13/17 20:34
  monitoring tips  
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