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* step 2 ck fail
  av_a - 01/16/15 13:18
  hi guys, I received my ck score and unfortunately I failed. I tried very hard, had good scores on nbme 4and 6 ( 248,246) but in the real exam I couldn't manage the time properly. :(
I am an IMG, graduate 2010, passed my step 1 with only pass score, pass cs on first attempt, and now a fail in ck. I feel really disappointed and I don't know if its worth giving another try?!
is there still any chance to get a residency in us and what can I do to increase my chance ?
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  drtee15 - 12/25/15 14:47
But so many people will disagree but i found must people who do Kaplan Qbank always do well in the exams.

Am talking to IMGs.
We read a lot of experiences but lets not be fooled,there may just be something different for AMG that make them do better.

i just finished kaplan qbank and started usmleworld. i have also done consult 75%.

The truth is UW does is not sufficient for this exam for IMG.

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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  dralbert - 01/03/16 09:25
  Try hard , dont give up, try dr.raj class []
believe in god.
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  prettymuch - 02/17/16 15:27
  so sorry to hear you guys..dont give up its a matter of another few days to struggle..start at the know the material it will take lesser time.  
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  neomycin - 02/17/16 16:14
  thank u guys for your advices , nothing is impossible . even if u didn't make it u learn a lot from the steps , definitely worth the try .

if u have low score u can always boost it with Researchs or clinical experiences .

i didn't get a good score on step 1 as well but i passed . so let's do this !! .
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  alex84 - 02/17/16 17:51
I am so sorry that you are having this bad experience , You have to try again, I know you can do it.
I've got a question for you..
How many question did u leave without answer?
Did you do UWORLD self assessment?
I'll appreciate your reply and keep it up, heads up and keep working in youyr dreams..
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  hopefuldoc1 - 02/18/16 13:21
I am sorry abut your step2 ck. we all live to fight another day. if you are interested in studying with me. timed tests but we will go through the explanations thoroughly. please send me a request on Skype. my id is hopefuldoc1
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  nisha22 - 02/26/16 12:43
  hey dont give upp.I also failed ck in first attempt and passed with 235 on second attempt..
u can contact me my skype id is nishamle..
i can just give u moral support and guidance..
pray very hard..
its a very tough phase but it will pass trust me..
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  airforce - 12/18/17 15:53
  hey relax and do it all over again
do uworld 3times
I also failed before
but I know the secret of getting 260 now
b confident, determined n prayeful
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  r0ja - 12/23/17 19:52
  honestly guys speed reading wont help you.. I don't mean to be rude but the reason you have trouble finishing within the alotted time is because you have no idea what you are reading. when reviewing your questions you need to re-read vignettes especially of the questions you get incorrect and break down every word and process what is being said before you look at the answer. after you understand whats going on look at the answer that is marked correct then again try and explain it to yourself why that is the answer and the wrong answer is wrong. Then after all that actually look at the explanation. the more knowledge you gain the faster you will run thru the questions because you will understand much faster.

also someone above said read the last sentence and i agree to be honest on the actual step 2 exam i felt like you needed to start right in the middle of the paragraph and read down, look at the answer choices, then go back to the top if necessary.
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  hmmak - 12/29/17 13:10
  Hey , how did it go with u ? Plz share ur experience i feel so depressed and need advice !  
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