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* step 2 ck fail
  av_a - 01/16/15 13:18
  hi guys, I received my ck score and unfortunately I failed. I tried very hard, had good scores on nbme 4and 6 ( 248,246) but in the real exam I couldn't manage the time properly. :(
I am an IMG, graduate 2010, passed my step 1 with only pass score, pass cs on first attempt, and now a fail in ck. I feel really disappointed and I don't know if its worth giving another try?!
is there still any chance to get a residency in us and what can I do to increase my chance ?
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  noelle - 01/17/15 12:25
  Hi.i understand you perfectly.
We probly got our scores around the same time,so tested on the same day.
I failed the test too,actually scored 208😒 and 209 is the pass mark.Way i feel now,a pass mark would be better than having to read those pages from the beginning.
Cant start to explain how bad i feel cos i wanted to nail that exam,and maybe i was being 'too' careful and ended up not using my time well.
But its fine.
Understand that you are not alone in this.
Dust ur notes,books whatever and try to give the exam again as soon as possible.
I would too.
And it is worth trying again,maybe for a less competitive programme but it is still very very possible to match.
Lets do this!
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  av_a - 01/17/15 21:47
  Hi noelle,
so sorry for your exam! you were really close :( at the same time, I feel a bit better that I'm not alone.
I decided to give exam another try and planning to study again.
I think we should put more effort to manage the time and concentration. do you have any idea how to do that?
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  lastman - 01/19/15 08:46
  Hi i failed this too but 2 yrs i m preparng again...sad to know anbt u two...its really boring to read again  
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  cantgiveup23 - 10/18/15 11:18
  Hey guys any progress? How did you overcome this?
2 of my friends just missed it because of the time. Please reply.
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  haqureshi - 10/21/15 13:09
  Does anyone have any information about Kaplan vs DIT lecture videos?  
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  drtee15 - 10/21/15 14:45
  i just want to say i feel really sorry about your story.
i am preparing for my step 2 and yesterday i was so discouraged because i left 10 questions unanswered on my kaplan block due to time.

i am really considering taking a speed reading course for this exam.
i could have improved my step 1 score tremendously if i could manage time.
i think its a bigger issue in step 2
if you have a good reading speed you should read like 300words perminute.

some questions far exceed 300 words including answer choicess.Decision time can be 30secs
you have max of 90seconds on a question to finish just on time.

besides even if you get to do all the questions under time pressure you make many mistakes.

stress impedes clear thinking.

In summary i will encourage you to work on that or even take a course for it.
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  ahmed123 - 10/21/15 17:17
  hey guys, I took my CK in June and was just wondering what's going on in this CK forum. I see people are not managing time on the real exam. One tip i can give you is when practicing UW, read the last sentence of the question first. This will give you an idea of what they want. I noticed that on my exam, the last sentence was all you need to read to answer some of the questions. After reading the last sentence, read the labs QUICKLY. Also, NOBODY should be looking up what normal common lab values are such as creatinine, hemoglobin(different in male vs. female), sodium, K, AST, ALT, PT, PTT, INR. This wastes time. These should ALL BE MEMORIZED, it saves a LOT of time when doing questions. I used to spend maybe 5-8 seconds reading labs, this also gives you an idea of the condition of the patient. Example, pt is in kidney failure(creat), pt has alcohol(AST double ALT), pt is anemic(low hemoglobin/hematocrit). Now you can read the question stem, and you know so much about the pt with only reading the last sentence plus labs (spend 15 seconds on last sentence plus labs combined). Keep practicing this and you will save a lot of time. Also, do only timed mode UW and try to finish in 54-56 mins. If you have 4-6 mins left on UW blocks, then on real exam you will be fine and will have 1-2 mins left on the block(thats what happened with me.) I did UW about 4 times. Your last round UW before the real exam should be really fast. Should finish in about 15 days or so.(3-4 blocks/day). If you do this, then UW will be fresh in your head on exam day. UW is the best source. I spend 85% of my time on UW and 15% on reading 1st aid and kaplan. Read only weak topics. Reading these books takes lot of time. Rest you can learn from UW. Hope this helps someone...  
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  maryam_m - 10/21/15 18:53
  @ahmed123: very nice tips. Thank you. I'll keep that in mind, I'm starting my CK prep and all the time constraints issues people have been posting made me scared. I didn't have that issue on my step 1. But I agree CK is a longer exam, so thanks again.

And @everyone else: I'm really sorry guys but if you learn from this experience and use it to work for and achieve a good score on CK the second time, your failure will transform into your biggest success. Good luck. And like I always say; you've come this far don't just give up now.
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  f16 - 12/20/15 02:17
  LZ,tell me about my chances.I am an IMG ,done postgraduation in my country and UK in OBGYN ,worked untill 2003 than got a break from my profession for 5 years for my kids.Now I have done step one ,not a good score 197 last year ,than CS high performance,but failed CK recently.I do have a lot of working exp. in both countries and few publications on my name.I even worked in USA as medical assistant in private clinic.Do , have any chances if I do my CK and step 3 ?Or should I leave all the hope?Please guide me as today someone told me very bluntly to leave everything and just focus on my kids and forget about my life as a doctor.All the advises are welcome.Plz guide me guys ,feeling heart broken.My Email is  
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* Re:step 2 ck fail
  morticia - 12/21/15 02:06
  At noelle and av_a ,

Pls tell me what was ur study material . Pls do not loose hope u guys will pass i will keep u in my prayers

Best of luck

God bless u both
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