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* next match
  tazashah - 05/11/15 01:23
  hey guys, anyone knows how to prepare personal statement
anyone knows someone who makes professionally?
please reply
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* Re:next match
  akim11 - 05/11/15 15:49
  don't use professional services since they are known to plagiarize. and also if you are fortunate enough to get an interview and if english is not your first language they will know that you didn't write your personal statement which will show them that you're disingenuous and ultimately will place you on the DNR list. just write one that tells your story and have a colleague that knows english to proofread it.  
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* Re:next match
  nkcd56 - 05/11/15 17:15

I used this site..very cheap, only for checking my grammar, spelling, etc. I recommend it
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* Re:next match
  mdoid - 05/11/15 18:41
  akim is right dude, after ur done just show the ps to a couple of MBA people, they know how to sell  
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* Re:next match
  tazashah - 05/12/15 13:47
  thanks guys  
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* Re:next match
  sara1985 - 05/13/15 15:14
  I wrote the personal reasons why I want to go into psychiatry.  
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* Re:next match
  scaredkinda - 05/13/15 15:47
  if you want an essay that WONT be remembered by anyone (for good and for bad...) just do the usual, "i want this residency cause my family mmber was sick/i like to help people"

thats kinda boring and easily forgot

if u want something that will be talked about on ur interview day, which is GOOD, then u gotta actually be creative. do not copy from online. try to make a story or something and tie it into medicine in a unique way. u gotta stand out.. but only if u take a chance
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* Re:next match
  jordanboothby - 06/18/20 19:37
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