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* Failed Step 1 Twice
  riazu25 - 01/20/16 17:02
  Just wanted to get some input about trying for residency after failing twice on step 1.

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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  ddoc - 01/21/16 20:06
  @riazu . email me at help each other.  
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  jjrodz - 01/25/16 07:38
  Two failures are just too much to overcome in this day and age. 1 would be ok, but 2 is just way too much. YOG? USCE? Publications? what else you got?  
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  senorita18 - 01/25/16 10:29
  Bojs212....go and something good with ur own life before u even comment on entire race....u don't ebn where that guy is from and so don't insult a country for what he said....defects are in a person not a country....I dnt care where u r from, u r a human and treat ur fellows humans well too....u r supposed to be a doc one day and sharing such ideas in such a huge platform hurts sentiments of many others.....people can be split into two...good or bad...not countries......I'm srry but your ideology is nt fair....kindly keep ur views to uralf when u cant respect anyone....
Plz guys keep countries religion or status out f these kind f really shows what kind of a person u r

Mr.jjrodz......dude u have no right to talk to a guy who is already depressed....he was asking for views not plain criticisms......maybe what u said may not be a wrong but there is a way to approach ppl and f u dnt understand that the I'm sure ethics is ur weakest life

Riazu.......u r not in the best position.... But if this s wat u want then go for t....thr r ways u can tell ppl that u vl do no matter sss2g2 said get 240s in both reaseach or observershp....u must work harder than odds....if u want this then do it
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  bojs212 - 01/25/16 10:54
  senorita18, listen girl, u got ur own opinion and u are entitled to it, ok but don't ever tell me to keep my opinion to myself. this is a forum and its meant for people to say what they feel like that idiot jjrodz is voicing out is opinion. so just give your advice to the subject in question and move the f* on  
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  bojs212 - 01/25/16 10:54
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  senorita18 - 01/25/16 12:29
  well u r no body to tell what kind of opinions u must have..... but yea i have a right to stand up to people who make such indecent and meaningless posts.....this forum has many people from every corner of the world and yet are trying to help each other.....irrespective of their colour, country, caste and religion.... so u broadcasting ur opinions on such a huge platform will hurt sentiments of many, and it has hurt me a lot.....u kept repeating the same in nearly all of ur posts....that has hurt me and i have a right to ask u not to speak such ill stuff about a whole country..... no body has the right to do that.....

anyways i dont want to spoil this page anymore

@riazu....gudluck....i hope u take the best decision for urslf....tak care :)
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  bojs212 - 01/26/16 00:03
  u an idiot girl. like i said, move the f* on, or what do u want me to do? want me to say I'm sorry? cos seņorita is hurt... ohhh my God, seņorita is hurt....please girl, you trippin'. you must be really bored, go study!!!  
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  mansi49ers - 01/26/16 00:27
  bojs212 you are going to be a future doctor? Goodluck with that.  
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  bojs212 - 01/26/16 07:05
  And u will be a future commentator. Good luck with that  
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  bojs212 - 01/26/16 07:12
  I mean u see all these Indians say I got 250 260,yet u ask them how did u guys do it, then they'll say something like "is that a good score, someone pls help" like are u kidding me?cant even say even they are all lying or just catching fun making people sad. If it hurts that I'm the guy to say the truth, go choke yourself  
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