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* Failed Step 1 Twice
  riazu25 - 01/20/16 17:02
  Just wanted to get some input about trying for residency after failing twice on step 1.

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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  bojs212 - 01/20/16 17:14
  keep your head up and try again  
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  marisu - 01/20/16 21:24
  keep trying! Build up your resume with other aspects like research and voluntary work. Do some more rotations, talk to some mentors about recommending you to program directors.

Don't give up!
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  mairan - 01/21/16 00:23
  Try to hit 250 next time. Take your exam when you get good score in assessment exam.  
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  residencetaken - 01/21/16 01:44
  Hey!! Don't worry about that. I am in the same situation. Failed Step 1 twice. Took some months for resting and I am up for Step 2 and then Step 1 after. Try this. I got this advise from a friend that had the same situation and got excellent results.
Don't worry!
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  jjrodz - 01/21/16 07:07
  You are not going to find residency. Better look for a different career.  
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  bojs212 - 01/21/16 10:24
listen man, i don't really understand why you re so full of stool. you keep trolling this website and mainly discouraging people, you are the same guy in the matching/residency forum that told a lady to go terminate her pregnancy if she wants to match. if you gave up on yourself, don't try to take others down with you. i won't be surprised to find out that you re indian.

i will advice you to go back and watch kaplan videos to start afresh, and start UW immediately, while doing UW, make sure your WRITE AND WRITE AND WRITE out concept and make sure u revise it everyday. i can't emphasize that enough. do that for both correct and incorrect options. it will take some time and it will be painfully long but at this point, thats your only shot to overcome your recall problem. remember, u need to do it the old fashioned way, which is write write and write with your pen. no screenshots, no typing, no highlighting, MUST WRITE AND NOTE IMPORTANT POINTS AND CONCEPTS.

one more thing, you need to stay away from this forum, 90% of people are like @jjrodz, they don't wanna see u succeed. most of them are indians. just believe in yourself and you will make it. your fate of residency is not in anybody's hand, its in Gods's hands. so just do your part and leave the rest to God. best of luck
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  riazu25 - 01/21/16 13:20
  Thanks guys really needed some encouragement.

Thanks for the advice I'll study as you have advised
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  jjrodz - 01/21/16 13:21
  Just bookmark this page and come back when this person finally decides to give up on this deluded dream after spending countless hours and money. I am giving good advice.  
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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  sss2g2 - 01/21/16 14:06
  @bojs212 Wth does being Indian have to do with anything? Way to generalize/stereotype an entire race of people.

I'm not going to sugar coat anything. The chances aren't looking good with 2 fails. However, absolutely blowing the test out of the water on the third try will be your best bet. By that I mean you need to score ~240s+. So make sure this time that your NBMEs are higher. Watch Kaplan, Do Uworld multiple times, annotate First Aid with all your info and use Pathoma for patho.

Lots of residencies are unforgiving but there are some who are willing to forgive and see that you have overcome this deficiency. Although you might not get residency with 2 fails, I feel passing this test may become a personal achievement at this point. Good luck .

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* Re:Failed Step 1 Twice
  bojs212 - 01/21/16 14:26
Well, that's my opinion about Indians. They love to help only one another and keep their group discreet.
This is true whether u agree or not. I ain't hating, I'm just saying
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