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  js13 - 08/31/16 13:38
  Hey guys, If anyone is interested in transitioning into Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety or Clinical Research then check out an institute called

They offer Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety courses. They are accredited and Certify their students, so you do not need to worry about the institutes credibility. Also, they are the only school globally that has access to hands on training with the Argus software. Accessibility with the Argus software alone gives the institution an edge compared to other schools. It is such a huge advantage to have experience actually using and playing around with the real software, whereas other schools can only teach you with screenshots! Imagine how impressed your potential employers will be after finding out that you have already practiced and gained experience with the software's. Also, they provide you with recorded sessions of every class for you to keep and look back on. Honestly, its a great school, and professors were there for you. Check it out for yourself and see. Call one of their student services advisers at 331-999-0061!

Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Research are great career options for those who have not gotten residency, IMG's, medical graduates, nurses, and pharmacists. It is more of a 9-5 kind of job where you leverage your medical degree and earn lots of money.

Sollers Has Successfully transitioned Doctors into the following roles:
Medical Reviewer
Drug Safety Physician
Drug Safety Specialist
Pharmacovigilance Scientist
Global Clinical Study Manager
Global Clinical Operations
Clinical Trial Manager
Clinical Monitoring Manager
Lead Clinical Research Associate
Clinical Research Scientist

Best of Luck!
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