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* My recent exam experience in PA
  babyface09 - 10/15/16 19:14
  I went in for the cs exam on Tuesday. I will not get results until December.
I can say this, the cases were synonymous with first aid and played to the tee in csevideo, the outline of the cases the sp attitude and the content were what I learned in csevideo. I am not advertising for them but I will say this Im glad I used it for three months, I thought that might be too much but when I got into the exam it was not easy. so all the time I used to study was worth it. I made some mistakes, like turned my back to the sp when I washed my hands, didnt do reflexes in one neuro case didnt do counseling in a smoking case, but the outline of the cases are in the fa and in csevideos. I think I did ok after seeing how many mistakes others make and pass, this was my second attempt and I did it totally different this time.
wish me luck
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* Re:My recent exam experience in PA
  babyface09 - 11/24/16 17:28
  I expect result the 14 th too
Good luck
How did your exam go?
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* Re:My recent exam experience in PA
  asaha85 - 11/24/16 19:47
  Babyface need a suggestion about cse we have to do the audio cases or we shd only see the videos?  
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* Re:My recent exam experience in PA
  babyface09 - 11/29/16 19:04
  usmlebeat yup I did all 44 cases in fa with csevideo like over an over I did a review of the mini cases like two or three times, but I found in the exam was knowing the general outline on how to do cases for each system went a long distance in finishing the whole exam.

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* Re:My recent exam experience in PA
  babyface09 - 11/29/16 19:07
  asaha85 I did the audio not sure if its a requirement but I used it during exercise and walks to store. sometimes I used the audio to keep me focused so I not waste time on tv or any other thing. It did help for sep, I am img and can speak ok english but the audio did help me to keep my sep sharp for the exam

plasman yeah dec 14 is too long from now to wait but time goes by fast I feel confident for my results, I hear lots of people make mistakes and pass

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* Re:My recent exam experience in PA
  asaha85 - 11/29/16 21:30
  Thanks a lot babyface  
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* Re:My recent exam experience in PA
  plasmaman - 11/30/16 02:32
  Dr Farrah with all due respect your program sucks
How do you think people will pass learning bad English with a program that will only make you confused and disoriented reading a book is better then your program I speak from experience !
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* Re:My recent exam experience in PA
  aapulu - 12/02/16 12:03
  hey @babyface90, you told this was your second time, and you did this exam differently, can you give some examples how did you do it differently this time?  
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* Re:My recent exam experience in PA
  babyface09 - 12/06/16 21:47
  aapulu the firs time I did the exam very casual, I followed my training in clinicals mainly, I felt confident I did not need to do anything extra, I was dead wrong. cause I did not expect the challenging questions or the sp to be quiet and did general pe

my second attempt I did the fa went over each case in history, the history is different in fa then in the hospital, in the hospital the dx comes quicker then in the exam

so I did fa and needed more direction so after looking at most of the stuff on the internet cause I did not want to go to a live course it was too expensive I chose csevideos cause the cases matched the fa and the cases were in detail and I could just watch it when I needed and then when I practiced I did it along side the csevideos cause the case video was the same as the fa case so I felt like I was doing the fa cases live.

in the actual exam the case scenarios were so close to the csevideos it was uncanning, the sp the difficulty level the questions both hx and challenging questions, and my timing was right on cause I practiced the full case in a timed mode. I started out by following the video until I could make my own time.

then the pn the first time I missed alot of notes and put things I did not do in the room cause I was just putting what was in my head

my second attempt I did notes each day on the cases I viewed in timed mode using the actual outline of the pn used in the exam

so the second time I was more directed towards what to expect and way better prepared

the exam cases match the fa and csevideo in its entirety like the outline of the materials matched the scenarios in the exam

i also learned to do heart and lung along with focused pe cause I did the csevideos so many times I learned there was enough time in the encounter to quickly do both

so basically the first time I was overconfident and the second time I was well prepared
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* Re:My recent exam experience in PA
  aapulu - 12/07/16 00:34
  fair enough @babyface90, u will come with bright colors, that's for sure.  
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* Re:My recent exam experience in PA
  babyface09 - 12/11/16 18:56
  thanks I feel pretty good about it Wednesday will be here soon enough Im trying to not think about it as I reviewed my performance in my head I think it went well, just for stupid little mistakes I think were normal compared to my first attempt hope you do great too  
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