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* Review for Mission Residency IV prep by Brian
  skylerr - 03/16/16 19:58
  This is my review for the Dr. Brian IV Prep class
By GOD's grace I have matched this year. But I want to say that it is not because I joined the IV Prep class.
It is because I didn't use the BS that was taught in the class on any of the IVs. I have been scammed $3000 and literally got nothing out of it. Ironically it helped me to understand what NOT to say in the IV. Yes, just do exactly the opposite he asks you to do.

So small advice to all doctors that are preparing for next match
Do not join this class. It is not worth it and you don't need this.

A tip to those who enrolled this year for 2017 Match
I know the so called Match guarantee and you don't have to pay anything to be attached with this IV Prep for next year. But it is not worth your time even if you don't have to pay anything. His strategies are useless. If you go for the IV using his advice, I can guarantee that you wont match. So run. Run as fast as you can, as far as you can from this. Spend your time and energy that can actually improve your CV and personal skills. Watching youtube videos will be a better choice than this. I am sure you must have already realized that and I don't have to say that here.
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* Re:Review for Mission Residency IV prep by Brian
  skylerr - 03/16/16 20:01
  Why I am posting the review here
Yes, there is a fb review page for the IV prep course. But it is owned and controlled by the same ppl. The posts will get deleted or buried under by him. Last couple of days there were some real experiences posted by this years students. However, when I checked the review page this morning,
the positive reviews that are praising him, which was posted from 2013 and 2014 were on the top of the page. The recent reviews, which is negative to him, were buried under lot of posts. And some posts got deleted, even though he claims he wont delete any post from a prev student of his with a real fb profile.
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* Re:Review for Mission Residency IV prep by Brian
  moonlight77 - 03/31/16 11:40
  Thank you Skylerr.

Yes - only positive reviews are there on their fb page. He deletes all negative reviews.
I saw lot of negative reviews posted couple of weeks back. But not even 1 is there now. All deleted.

Thank you once again for sharing your information.. definitely saved lot of money and time.
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* Re:Review for Mission Residency IV prep by Brian
  moonlight77 - 03/31/16 11:43
  Thank for those posting it here as well..A reassurance during the difficult times to take good informed decisions.
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* Re:Review for Mission Residency IV prep by Brian
  ryanhope - 03/31/16 14:19
  Anyone paying for such services will get scammed eventually.  
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* Re:Review for Mission Residency IV prep by Brian
  defeatthebeast - 04/01/16 14:01
  yeah i saw that and wasa reading the real day noticed he had deleted all of them under the pretense it was done in his stupid format lol...all these companies etc are all scams taking advantage of already bruised and battered imgs sadly  
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* Re:Review for Mission Residency IV prep by Brian
  usmlestep3prep.2016 - 04/03/16 10:48
  I paid alot to Dr Brain. He is not nice. He makes sexual jokes in his classes. He just does not know what professionlism is. He shouts at you when you are going through Tough time. He is basically a useless guy who just does not know how to teach and what teaching is all about. He talks about KARMA and scares you all the time. I hope his KARMA gets him one day.SO PLZ dont join. Do your self a favor.  
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* Re:Review for Mission Residency IV prep by Brian
  familymedicine2015 - 04/03/16 14:14
  My 2 cents for that class.

Not worth the time and money. Period.
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* Re:Review for Mission Residency IV prep by Brian
  careful011 - 04/04/16 14:15
  If you see his website he's charging over 4000 this year.
Why would people trust a person who can't get into residency himself to train them how to get into residency?
He misleads others that he's a doctor, specializing in something, and professor in NYU ...
But you can't find Brian bolante name anywhere...loser trying to trick others into giving him tons of money in exchange for all his so called tips (mainly cheesy talks about telling programs how much you love them...he often compares all scenarios to a dating scene...not professional at all...he comes up with all this scenarios comparing how he would talk to his wife Kate to a residency interview)
You may as well find some dating advice for free on Internet than giving this scam artist thousands of dollars.
I'm sure many who got scammed would agree.
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* Review for Mission Residency IV prep by Brian
  med_aerospace - 11/17/17 21:23
  *He is a total fraud. Claims himself Dr/Doc. I am pretty sure, he might haven't passed his medical school in Philippine.

It is a job interview but he will be teaching you to talk about your parents/ lovers. In residency, they will look at your professionalism, your personality and friendly attitude as a colleague. They don't care how loving to your family.
I had not matched in my 1st/2nd attempt, due to following his terrific strategies.
Finally, I focused on my clinical experience and secured residency.

If you have so much money time and energy to waste on a fraud, please dump for this class.
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* Re:Review for Mission Residency IV prep by Brian
  med_aerospace - 11/17/17 22:17
  To get prepare for interview, either watch youtube videos or buy a $50 book from Amazon about interview strategies, you will be master of interview.

Few signs how to identify a scam
- No physical address available over website
- Hard to find evidence of customer service (no phone number)
- if only contact way is to email
- If the course fee is too high comparing to teaching hours offered
- Too much pressure to enroll in a course which will begin in this week/next week

If you still have a question in your mind, why there are some good reviews around 2013/2014 on his fb post. It means those residents had good connection/back up in those residency programs, so in that situation it doesn't matter what you talk in your interview, the position was secured well before their interview.

Those who are already scammed, I am pretty sure they will agree with all of the points above.
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