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* q - i ?????
  nivia1997 - 12/28/16 08:01
  A 48-year-old female arrives at the ED via ambulance after witnesses saw her vomiting large volumes of blood in a local convenience store before collapsing to the floor. She is barely communicating and cannot provide any history. Ambulance personnel have placed 2 large-bore IVs and started normal saline boluses.
Just as your start your initial evaluation, she has a large volume hematemesis. You are concerned about her
depressed mental status and the severity of her illness and decide to intubate her. After intubation, the chest
wall rises symmetrically and the lungs sound clear. Her heart sounds are distant, and she is tachycardic
(pulse 120). Her blood pressure is 80/40 mm Hg. Her oxygen saturation is 78%.
The standard of care in detecting esophageal intubation is:

A) Auscultation.
B) Radiograph.
C) End tidal CO2.
D) Oxygen saturation.
E) None of the above.
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* Re:q - i ?????
  lifesaverdr - 12/28/16 08:30
  C endtidal CO2  
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* Re:q - i ?????
  future2017 - 12/28/16 10:38
  Why not image/radiograph?  
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