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* Best USMLE Step 1 prep course
  docji - 01/16/17 12:45
  Are you guys aware of any Step 1 prep course that focuses on the Uworld First Aid Pathoma strategy.
I feel like I need a structure and environment. Studying at home I get unmotivated and loose the drive, study some days really hard and completely not the other days, etc. A discipline and routine that is provided by these course will help me form a dedicated work ethic and habit.
And I feel like UWorld, First Aid and PAthoma is all thats required to ace this test.
Do you guys know of any course that focuses on that?
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* Re:Best USMLE Step 1 prep course
  goodman - 09/06/17 20:12
  Lets get 260+

Don't forget you need to be able to make associations to excel in this test. Just memorizing is not enough. You need to make associations, this is paramount for the usmle.

You need to do this in this order.
The 5E phases applied to usmle preparation

ENGAGE > Engage student and elicit prior knowledge

You need to find who provides the best diagnostic assessments for the usmle step 1

EXPLORE > Provide hands-on experience of what needs to be learned (reviewed or reinforced).
1) Kaplan Videos, 2) Kaplan notes, 3) Pathoma notes and videos, or Goljan path (no audio only RR 4th ed) 4) FA not older than 2 years edition (read once and reference page numbers from Kaplan, Pathoma or Goljan on the right margin of FA) 5) read FA once more making notice of the referenced page numbers on the margin to clarify concepts detailed in Kaplan, Pathoma or Goljan
EXPLAIN > Develop basic science explanations for experiences and representations of developing understanding
(can you EXPLAIN what you learned in the EXPLORE phase?)

Kaplan Q bank (mix of recall, analysis and application questions) / some debate on the use of USMLERX (mostly recall questions) before the Kaplan Q bank
ELABORATE > Extend understanding to a new context or make connections to additional concepts through student planned investigations

USMLE WORLD Questions and annotation of it into FA (study annotated FA twice)
EVALUATE > Re-represent understandings, reflect on learning journey and collect evidence about achievement of outcomes

Do all recommended NBMEs study/read your annotated FA in b/w recommended NBMEs
Your NBME scores (evidence) will tell you if are ready for the USMLE step 1.

This is the best preparation any IMG can do to score very high in the USMLE
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* Re:Best USMLE Step 1 prep course
  vcampech2 - 12/07/17 13:42
  UWorld, First Aid, and Pathoma  
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