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* Pakistan Doctors Only.
  lu187 - 05/09/17 20:55
  Dear Doctor if someone in this forum is single , I have a very good friend that I would love her to be married with a good and educated person . She has PHD in business, 25 years old and very beautiful . The problem is she can married only Pakistan Dr. If anyone is serious about marriage please contact me at Thanks  
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* Re:Pakistan Doctors Only.
  abraham16 - 05/09/17 21:12
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* Re:Pakistan Doctors Only.
  amiqtstudents - 05/10/17 14:22
  so stupid. i swear. this is not or tinder.  
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* Re:Pakistan Doctors Only.
  miacarmel - 05/10/17 22:32
  why a pakistani DR needs to marry her????? . what she has ? Beauty ???? most of the pakistani girls are beautiful ( stiil i meet 10 to 12 all are beautiful) . and the most important thing is BEAUTY lies in the eye of holder . You can say instead of beauty that She has Green card or citizenship then may be some ppl can be interested specially those who does not have citizenship or green card . But now a days new immigration it is almost band . if she needs to get married a pakistani dr she can directly post in pakistani metromonial . May be can manage a MBBS. A USMLE holder pakistani doctor does not need a BUsiness Phd . Who cares ????? of business phD . They can easily get married with another USMLE holder MD . GL  
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* Re:Pakistan Doctors Only.
  step12013 - 05/10/17 23:37
  Wow, Well inappropriate forum and advertisement. But still, my 2 cents.
Do not look for a doctor. Look for a decent, well educated, a good person who is settled, earning well enough, for life and have a decent profession who will love her, respect her the most, take care of her and stay besides her in bad times.

Try to find someone who gives you equal rights, respect and consider you an equal human being.
The criteria of looking for a doctor husband first is not right. He can be a doctor, but first he should be a great human being. What if she finds a doctor or greedy for citizenship , green card or even settled M.D. but with character or personality disorders or any etc bad qualities, can make life hell.
The qualities of a person are important first and the most not the dr profession. Also sometimes money even if they have won't buy happiness. If by luck you find someone with good qualities and he is a doctor then it's your good luck.
God listens to the hearts.

Please don't get offended. I just came across this advertisement , couldn't resist to write .Wanted to share my sincere thoughts.

You can try matrimonial sites, a more appropriate channel.
Best of luck in your search. My prayers.
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* Re:Pakistan Doctors Only.
  step12013 - 05/10/17 23:48
  @miacarmel. Wow you are quite a business minded person. Not always people think like you. A marriage is a partnership but people have made it a business deals these days.
@ lu187:
You can Imagine now by reading this miacarmel , you will know about the the results of looking for a dr.
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* Re:Pakistan Doctors Only.
  miacarmel - 05/11/17 04:02
  If she change her mind let me knw . i knw some Albenian doctors , they are handsome. may be i can help her .  
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* Re:Pakistan Doctors Only.
  workhard11 - 01/01/18 19:34
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* Re:Pakistan Doctors Only.
  workhard11 - 01/02/18 06:34
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* Re:Pakistan Doctors Only.
  halux - 01/02/18 09:29
  this post SHOULD BE CLOSED!

WTF is she, an object? (-_-)
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* Re:Pakistan Doctors Only.
  sawtooth - 01/02/18 09:30
  A bit of comedy relief not bad for the step gruesome and vigorous study i guess  
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