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* Lecturio lectures
  dr_alex16 - 07/04/17 10:22
  Anyone have any experience on this course..??  
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* Re:Lecturio lectures
  dr_alex16 - 07/05/17 07:51
  OK.. I see... no one!! :(  
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* Re:Lecturio lectures
  cardio69 - 07/05/17 18:19
  Hi Alex,
I have seen some of the path that been lecture by Carlo rag. The Same guy who's trying to fulfill Goli shoes. Not very good.

My suggestion take one source & master it. Kaplan very good & use goli for path part.
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* Re:Lecturio lectures
  enzo22 - 07/06/17 09:46
  My experience with lecturio so far has been great. I used it for the USMLE step 1 and as a general addition to my lectures. The vids are clear and you have a wide selection from MCAT to STEP 2 videos so basically all of med school. The bookmatcher app they have is pretty baller as well.

I think the best way for you to see if you like their video lectures or not is to see some of them. They have free ones on youtube and on their website as well. in the end i think its a pretty personal choice, a lot of what people often recommended didn't click with me for me but this resource did.
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* Re:Lecturio lectures
  dr_alex16 - 07/06/17 18:38
  @cardio69 thank you for the advice...

@enzo22 thank you enzo..

the reason why Im asking is because i already have 3 FAIL's, Im a positive person and I'll keep moving forward no matter what people said about the small opportunities that i have!!
I did kaplan at the beginning, FA, pathoma and uworld ..
Last attempt i just focused on uworld pathoma and FA and doesn't work. Fail by 4 points... Now im looking for something different .... I heard that Lecture is very good, i saw some videos on their website and youtube, the only thing that makes me worry its Lecturio has a LOT of videos and Im working full time ( i need to support my family) Im an Old IMG..
Thank YOU for your replies and any another advice is more than WELCOME!!
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* Re:Lecturio lectures
  vcampech2 - 11/19/19 18:14
  dr_alex16 hi how have you being??  
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* Re:Lecturio lectures
  vcampech2 - 11/19/19 18:15
  dr_alex16 would like to ask you something contact me please .  
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* Re:Lecturio lectures
  frannyrain - 11/23/19 14:03  
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