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* What are the chances?
  aim4residency - 12/14/17 13:29
  IMG graduated in yr 2000
Passed Step 1 in 2003 with attempts
Passed CSA in 2003 first attempt
Unfortunately never took Step 2 CK
Now have a Master's and a PhD from USA, Almost 30 publications including a book chapter, currently working full-time at an academic institution & Green card
Now. will have to take step 1 and 2CK for ECFMG certification (heard CSA will suffice Step 2 CS requirement) Urge of Residency has not gone yet :)

So what do you guys think? I know it's a tough preparation path ahead & would be all worth it at the end if I get into residency, but if I do take the steps and get certified...what are my chances of interviews/matching? spouse not a chief resident ;) no friends are program directors would appreciate a honest opinion. Thanks in advance!!! Wishing you a Happy Holiday season !!!
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* Re:What are the chances?
  uagmed - 12/14/17 15:14
  honest opinion,if you go for this long tough journey which is well worth,you will get your wish and will never ever regret,you will get you residency !!
I know people been in your shoes before and they all made it,I am one of them.
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* Re:What are the chances?
  aim4residency - 12/15/17 10:00
  Thank you uagmed for your kind encouraging words :) can I please have your email. I want to hear your journey, which specialty did you match? did you have to take step 3? Did you get interviews without connections? did you also work in research? sorry about so many questions...Thanks in advance!  
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* Re:What are the chances?
  eddiedoc17 - 12/15/17 12:20
  @aim4residency It sounds like you are doing great things right now. Why not try? I, personally, decided to not apply to residency for other reasons, but I was in a similar situation (deciding if it was worth it to continue and maybe wasting time and money). In the midst of all this anxiety, I decided to work on my inner game and found my real passion.I discovered I had a lot of limiting beliefs, fears, and self-doubts that were preventing me from achieving true success.

Now, I help students and IMGs overcome any roadblocks that could be preventing them from achieving their goals and true success. And I do this by:
1. Helping clarify your direction/What is your vision - So you wake up with fire in your belly every morning and motivated to study.
2. Strategize your actions - So you know what you will do every day the moment you wake up
3. Upgrade your skills
4. Optimize your environment- Your people, physical and mental environment so you are free from distractions and set up for success.
5.Master your psychology- so you go into the exam relax, focus and prepare.

I want to gift you a Discovery session with me via Skype, a 45-60 minute session. In this session I will help you get clarity and take the next step. Please let me know if this works for you.

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* Re:What are the chances?
  parmesh495 - 12/16/17 12:32
  you have a long YOG.. if you have strong desire to do then you can go for that... It may be tough i dont say it is not possible because on the scores and USCE which can improve the chances can make it possible  
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* Re:What are the chances?
  aim4residency - 12/18/17 15:04
  Thank you for your inputs eddiedoc17 & parmesh495  
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* Re:What are the chances?
  workhard11 - 12/23/17 08:46
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* Re:What are the chances?
  aim4residency - 01/03/18 12:07
  Thank you workhard11 - Happy New Year!  
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