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* any advice for low step1 score?
  sentimento - 12/20/17 11:58

I'm a IMS and got 220s on step1 and so depressed for a while.

Summitted application to do a clerkship to several hospital without expectation, and most of them give a decline letter. However, suprisingly I got a confirmation letter from
Mayo clinc recently.....I was happy at that time... but now getting nervous... here's my concern.

I have to take a year off to go to the mayo since It overlaps with our nation's matching season and I'm not sure I can match in the States with this low score since lots of ppl says doors for IMG getting closed nowadays. I'm interested in IM, Psy, and Rehab. There will be any chance that I can match as an IMG?

I'm sick and tired with ppl in my country discouring me, but at the same time, want to
face the truth. one of my friends said I need to pay more to do a observership because of my low score and I think It's bullshit..but Is it true?

OMG I really discouraged and want to some help...

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* Re:any advice for low step1 score?
  sentimento - 12/20/17 19:25
Guys I need some advice and desperate. Plz give me some advice is there will be a chance to go ahead or not...
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* Re:any advice for low step1 score?
  yohana17 - 12/20/17 20:53
  Hi Sentimento

I cant give you advice because I also just start studying. I also feel the same like you feel sometimes. But I just want to say dont lose hope. Nothing is impossible. I believe you can do it. Keep your spirit up and you can achieve your goals!
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* Re:any advice for low step1 score?
  drkhan_1234 - 12/30/17 10:53
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