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* Daily challenge
  bagira - 12/28/17 01:29
  We all are studying from same resources-- UW-FA.
Lets be committed here to each other than to find some sp for discussion.
Discussion is good but motivation is the key to outperform.
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* Re:Daily challenge
  bagira - 12/28/17 01:35
  today i will get 6hrs for studying. will try utilize that fully.  
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* Re:Daily challenge
  bagira - 12/29/17 02:06
  did fa yesterday.
today, starting uw block review.
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* Re:Daily challenge
  bagira - 12/30/17 01:35
  woke up at 6 today.doing uw.  
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* Re:Daily challenge
  bagira - 01/01/18 01:15
  Today speeding up.
Targeting to finish uw within 15days.
Will go beyond 1 block today.
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* Re:Daily challenge
  nishat - 01/02/18 15:52 i am very upset.this exam is so frustrating.but still i am trying.pray for me.
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* Re:Daily challenge
  bagira - 01/02/18 22:57
That's totally ok. Just stop thinking about it n u will see the greener side. So u know, y I called it daily challenge.

Continuing with uw today.
Of course I hv made over ambitious target of finishing up rest half UW in 15day, I m getting thrilled even by thought of not reaching target.
I know I will do better than what I hv done till now.

Hey nishat y don't u join here? If u do what u say-- good. n if u cant--- u r at no loss. Give it a thought.
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* Re:Daily challenge
  bagira - 01/04/18 00:46
  Shifting to new place for study. Hope this will do good to my studies.  
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* Re:Daily challenge
  bagira - 01/05/18 03:30
  @jt24,. Sorry dude, that's part of the package we have chosen. Fight ur way out. Solution to ur problem lies in ur comment. Do UW n fa again. Low nbme score tells u, u haven't done UW n fa well.But this time Note down ur weak areas n work more on them more.
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* Re:Daily challenge
  bagira - 01/05/18 03:39
  Ok, enuff of that thing.
Sorry for these words, but fill the post with what u hv done n not with ur short comings. We all face that anyway. Face it.
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* Re:Daily challenge
  bagira - 01/05/18 10:26
  Now that's what is called high spirit.
One day u will be inspiring many on this forum.
& trust me that day is not too far.
You inspired me already. Thx.
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