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* Failed ck....need advice
  ripu97 - 01/18/17 10:45
  hey guys....I failed ck badly 169....MY uwsa assesment score was 237,nbme7-242,nbme 4 233,nbme6-245......But exam I scored badly.....nI already have step 1-195 2nd attempt step 2 cs passed...need your advice....should I continue or leave the path to residency? I am loosing me  
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* Re:Failed ck....need advice
  morticia - 01/18/17 18:34
  Hey sorry to hear that !!!
Dont loose hope just study hard and u will do great .....
Just focus now in passing ur test and then worry about residency there r lots of programs out there that will give u interviws and accept u in their program

All the best for u and may God b with u always!
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* Re:Failed ck....need advice
  morticia - 01/18/17 18:38
  Was the test super difficult , long or u got super nervous?

If u need any material that i can help with pls let me know

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* Re:Failed ck....need advice
  ripu97 - 01/18/17 23:56
  Hey thanks morticia.......test was tough not long.....thanks for the advice. you have the material so that I can prepare it again. ...To restart all over thing again is becoming very hard for me. ..still depressed. ..  
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* Re:Failed ck....need advice
  morticia - 01/19/17 01:18
  Yes i have lots of it
I am about to. Take the test soon
Do u have Skype ? If so pls give me ur id and I will contact u for sure asap

Dont get depress .... Try to look at it in a learning way and fix what u did wrong and i am sure u will do great
I know lots of ppl who failed several times each step and they are now in residency and doing very well.
Look life is tough and we all go through very difficult moments but this is something that is fixable.

Always look forward put urself together b strong and move on to ur next step , that it is to b succefull and pass ur test ! U already passed all the other ones ... And will pass this one too......

I will share all my materials with u !

Take care and may God bless U 😇👼🏻

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* Re:Failed ck....need advice
  ripu97 - 01/19/17 01:31
  Thanks for the encouragement. ...morticia. Skype id is Ripudaman Singh can search me through my email id will help you in better way. ....or else give me your Skype id ...I can send you friend request. ..
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* Re:Failed ck....need advice
  virgo32 - 01/19/17 09:16
  @ripu sorry to hear that., but never give up. do it again. u can do it :) did u take all of nbme online?  
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* Re:Failed ck....need advice
  ripu97 - 01/19/17 10:19
  Yes virgo 32 .....I took all the nbme online. ..thanks for the encouragement  
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* Re:Failed ck....need advice
  movingtaughtme - 01/20/17 00:56
  Sorry to hear that ripu,just pick up and fight on.I know it is easier said than done,but you can do it,trust yourself. and thanks morticia for the kindest words!  
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* Re:Failed ck....need advice
  uche11 - 02/04/17 18:18
  Sorry to hear that. Mortica is right, life is a struggle. You will surely be fine. There is a unique thing that differentiates you. Pls could u or mortica share ur materials with me. Thanks in advance  
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* Re:Failed ck....need advice
  anabel19 - 02/19/17 18:20
  I am sorry to hear that ripu97.Hi morticia. I really need some help and advices. I feel depressed and hopeless after the results of my step 1 and step 2ck.STEP 1 low score 199 third attempt. Step 2 ck failed first attempt and I am trying to study and I was planning to take it at the end of February.I just took nbme form 6 and failed ...Please if you can send me some advices and the materials you have I would really appreciate ...And does anyone think that I should quit...I feel like I will never get a residency with these results.... should I follow a different path...  
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