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* CMS- 32M --- Micro
  dream250 - 12/25/17 19:33
  a 32 yo M w/ c/o painful blisters on his penis for 2 days. During the past 2 yrs, he has had similar blisters that occur four times annually and last 10 days. 6 mon ago, a viral culture of fluid from a blister was negative. He currently takes no meds. He had 6 lifetime female sexual partners & doesn't use condoms. His current sexual partner is asymptomatic. T-100.6F. There's bilateral inguinal lymphedenopathy. Examination of penis shows multiple 3 mm vesicular lesions on shaft. appropriator me?

b- ceftrixone


This question mentioned culture was negative 6 months ago... so I was thinking it's not likely viral so ruled out A. it's not NG so no ceftrixone, not chlamydia so no doxy, NSAIDs won't help with the bacterial infection, so between Predinsone and PCN. I went with PCN. Also my dx was painful lesion I was thinking of H. Ducreyi.

Please explain your answer.
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* Re:CMS- 32M --- Micro
  cardio69 - 12/25/17 23:26
  Can you digest, it's possible infection of pat at the site where the culture was taken not have an active virus?
Or those painful base on what preach here, have unroofed/or -> confluent and confused you?
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* Re:CMS- 32M --- Micro
  dream250 - 12/26/17 00:06
  Sorry Cardio, I don't understand.  
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* Re:CMS- 32M --- Micro
  cardio69 - 12/26/17 00:21
  Hello Dream, I'm just asking the Q for you to think and simply just break down on your exp & your dx.  
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* Re:CMS- 32M --- Micro
  dream250 - 12/26/17 07:47
  Thank you Cardio  
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