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* i failed ck and need ur advice
  hmmak - 12/27/17 21:16
  my exam was yesterday and im sure that i did bad ,didnt sleep well and couldnt manage the time
i didnt do step 1
ive been studing for ck for about 2 yrs postponed my whole life for studying even ive lost my fiance
did nbme 6 one month b4 and got 212
and 2 wks after did nbme 4 and got 235
the whole problem was in my exam day , ive read uw about 5 times and mtb 3 times and one round of cms except ob/gy and surgery

what shall i do now , i feel so bad wasting my whole effort
which is worse getting a low score or failing and get higher later on
shall i go for it again or i already lost my chance to match !
help me to know whats next
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* Re:i failed ck and need ur advice
  morticia - 12/27/17 22:33
  Ohhh pls just wait for ur score , if u didnt make it take it again but u need to take step1 too
If i was u i will prepare for step 1 pass it
Chances for matching there will always be something out there !!!
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* Re:i failed ck and need ur advice
  hmmak - 12/28/17 01:19
  Thank u 😔 i appreciate ur support ..  
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* Re:i failed ck and need ur advice
  tolcapone1993 - 12/28/17 12:24
  hey don't lose hope.....and never give up...just wait for ur results.....well prepare for step 1.....every dark night has rising sun.....good luck  
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* Re:tolcapone1993
  hmmak - 12/29/17 03:54
  every dark night has a rising sun .....very nice words ... thank u  
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* Re:i failed ck and need ur advice
  targetsteps - 12/30/17 17:33
  what is your skype id  
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* Re:i failed ck and need ur advice
  toxicplexus - 12/31/17 23:02
  You are very unlikely to fail.Your score will prolly be an average of your mock tests.Almost everyone who takes CK feels exactly as u did or worse.Personally, I ran out of time and all blocks but 3.NEVER went back to recheck my marked questions which were over half per block. On two blocks randomly picked the option on about 3 questions/block as i had run out of time. It was so bad that i didnt speak to anyone for 2 days after that exam. Guess what? I had 250+.You will be fine.  
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* Re:i failed ck and need ur advice
  virgo32 - 01/10/18 21:35
  please share your score when you get it.
Good luck :)
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* Re:i failed ck and need ur advice
  brompton - 01/11/18 15:50
  Although your NBME scores don't necessarily predict your real score, yours look pretty good, especially your last one. If you feel you managed time okay on the test, you probably did better than you think. I thought I failed my exam too and I passed comfortably. It was a hard 4 weeks though. Good luck!  
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  shielamonroeimrez - 01/20/18 11:38
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