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* Chicago passed
  abraham16 - 02/01/17 12:34
  Passed with higher performance just got my results
my exam experience
I am doing rotations at JPH in downtown Chicago, it was freezing the day I did the exam had to take the bus and a train to get to the center, there were so many students there couldn't tell who was img or amg or fmg
the sps were all mixes and races two African sps one I could not understand because of a strong Caribbean accent. my cases were not crazy or out of the normal most of the case scenarios were in csevideo. I did the pe like in fa and did not run out of time but forgot to do things like counsel, ask duration in one case on pain forgot to put heart finding in pn of another case. most cases did not find many physical findings so i just put repeat findings for the other diagnosis. the exam overall was not hard but still I was nervous. study fa and watch csevideo as much as you can to get the feel for the exam and the sp attitude. gl to all
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* Re:Chicago passed
  nagajaanu - 02/03/17 10:26
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* Re:Chicago passed
  independent - 02/04/17 15:11
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* Re:Chicago passed
  akann89 - 02/04/17 21:36
  Hi @abraham16, congrats- how long did you take to study? I am coming to JPH soon to finish up electives.
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* Re:Chicago passed
  abraham16 - 02/09/17 07:55
  about 3 months
good luck in chicago hope you like cold windy weather!
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* Re:Chicago passed
  drhashim - 02/11/17 23:49
  abrah can you post your email I have my exam soon and some questions  
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* Re:Chicago passed
  abraham16 - 02/16/17 13:39
  np drhashim just ask away I posted my email and got spam and junk mail
when is your exam and where?
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* Re:Chicago passed
  stephenscheduler - 02/16/17 18:59
  Last week of March is booked and saturated. Onwards March and April is still available for the most desired centers Houston and Chicago.

June , Houston and Chicago available

Thank you ,

Best !
You pay AFTER your date is scheduled.

Note: kindly include your real name when you email so that i Keep a record while booking your date.
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* Re:Chicago passed
  drhashim - 02/18/17 23:18
  did you use live sp and what was your timing for the whole pe did you finish any cases early?
did you do pn in all caps or both small and upper case?
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* Re:Chicago passed
  abraham16 - 02/24/17 17:10
  @drhashin yes I used a live sp some guys from the hospital and me did the exams on each other
I did not finish cases early in the actual exam
pn was in caps in some places and lower case in others
I figured it was the least I need to be worried about I was more concerned with the contents of note and copying from my blue sheet accurately
my pe timing was exactly like csevideo did all my cases the same as them
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* Re:Chicago passed
  vidhi - 02/26/17 08:25
  @ abraham.. could you help me for observerships in us? thanks  
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