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* Step 2 CS experience. Los Angeles.
  roxysandy - 08/03/17 06:09
  Center - like everyone I was also told that Houston or Chicago should be my preference. But I booked the slot in Los Angeles.
I love the city. The staff and everything - very cooperative. Airbnb accommodations available very nearby.

Exam experience - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 cases, With 10 - 30 - 10 minutes break.

Only problem I faced in exam was first case. I made differentials and everything but I wasn't happy with my communication - obviously I was nervous. But after that I took time at doorway information - made proper plan and differentials and gave time to communication and closure as well.
Bottom line - don't go in too much details. Use doorway information time to make a plan.
Use gloves instead of washing hands - saves lot of time and won't take you away from patient for long.
Keep things to simple. Know differentials - like 3 most common causes and then it's upto you .

Typing PN- I saved time with almost 7 to 8 patients 1 to 2 minutes and used it in typing PN. I started from writing differentials and orders. Then history and physical. Again be specific.
Don't use all capitals. Not allowed.
Lines are 15 only and limited characters.
I was not very fast at typing and I had not practiced much so I kept that in mind and I managed to finish all notes in time except one where I couldn't write CNS findings, although it wasn't CNS case at all.
So I guess it would be ok.

At the end of the day, it felt really good.
It tests your basic understanding and approach and communication. So just stick to it. Don't go in too many details.
Closures are most important. I was able to close cases properly with every patient and answer their concerns. And it's good to start another conversation while changing gloves after history. Time during Changing gloves or washing hands can be used to make other conversations like sports and hobbies.
And most important, practice and rehearsals. Know your shortcomings.

Wish me best ... waiting for results now.
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* Re:Step 2 CS experience. Los Angeles.
  jessme - 08/03/17 10:49
  Sounds like my exact experience in Atlanta. I wish you all the best. I am waiting for my results too. May God bless our efforts with success.  
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* Re:Step 2 CS experience. Los Angeles.
  abhi1999 - 08/03/17 16:10
  All the best Roxy.if u don't mind I wanna ask one thing .is major cases of fa enough .or the real cases r more harder?  
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* Re:Step 2 CS experience. Los Angeles.
  roxysandy - 08/05/17 06:56
I have read FA and Uworld both.
Trust me at the end of day in those 15 mins. You can't apply all from FA. It's too much.
Also examination. As per FA usually u are supposed to go for many unwanted systems.
You won't be having much time for all that.
You world is very specific and with good content.
All u need to know is
Differential diagnosis and understanding how they can be differentiated max. But remember 3 or 4 major differentials.
Then plan your time properly. Time flies.
Let me know if u need to know.more.
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* Re:Step 2 CS experience. Los Angeles.
  marymy - 08/08/17 21:59
  wishing you the best  
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* Re:Step 2 CS experience. Los Angeles.
  abhi1999 - 08/09/17 14:00
  Hello do u hab the e copy of u world?  
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* Re:Step 2 CS experience. Los Angeles.
  roxysandy - 08/10/17 03:22
  i dont have e copy.
but it is only 75$ i think.
share your email. or skype ID.
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* Re:Step 2 CS experience. Los Angeles.
  ereks - 08/11/17 11:54
  please roxysandy can you send me the u world copy on my skype srdrjoe. ty  
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* Re:Step 2 CS experience. Los Angeles.
  drzaky254 - 08/12/17 19:19
  Hey my exam is in 3 days and you mentioned that capslock is not allowed , why do you say so please help  
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* Re:Step 2 CS experience. Los Angeles.
  drkene - 08/14/17 17:48
  hey; you are pretty much spot on, the test center staff were very courteous. i remember once case, i left my steth at the previous table cos it was just after the break and i forgot to take it with me. they waited at the door for when i would knock, and they handed me my steth back, without much fuss or i finished that particular patient encounter on time.. still waiting for my result though. hopefully we will all pass, and then focus on the up coming application season. cheers  
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* Re:Step 2 CS experience. Los Angeles.
  roxysandy - 08/17/17 16:46
its true my friend. they repeatedly announce this even.
but dont worry. its not much big a deal.
just relax and plan your timings.
wish u best.
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