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* Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  amikacin - 12/15/17 13:14
  Hello everyone....I am devastated to find out that I failed the exam. Gave a couple of IVs already with all positive feedback from the PDs. Now I don't think I will be able to find another date within this year to write the exam as the last day is Dec 31.
I failed the CIS section and I couldn't believe it as I have always been told that I have good interpersonal skills/ bedside manners etc.
Also spoke to ECFMG and they said they will try to expedite the process of getting the permit within 3 business days but there is no guarantee. Even if I do get the permit, I still have to get the exam date in December.
I would really appreciate your advice as to how to go about dealing with this. I am an IMG.
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  neurogirl91 - 12/18/17 10:35
  I also have one attempt at CS and finally passed. I am going over 1 case/$20 if y'all are interested in just going over things  
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  morticia - 12/20/17 01:13
  How come u charge $20 a case ???  
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  morticia - 12/20/17 01:25
  Why not help without charging ???
I passed CS in my first attemp ( I just took the test in Oct ) and if I can help someone I will do it with no charge ....
Most of us who are preparing for the USMLE dont have as much $$$$ as we would like so that is the reason that I will help any one with no charge . My phylosophy of life is that all the good u can do go ahead and do it and God will provide for the best always .

God bless u all and never give up ....

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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  2pac - 12/20/17 06:31
  Donít prey on people who failed  
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  morticia - 12/20/17 12:20
I totally agree ith u !!!
Ok pol let me know i am here to help anyone who needs to do cases

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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  hopeful83 - 12/20/17 22:16
  @amikacin sorry to hear that, i passed cs in 1st attempt but my performance in CIS was borderline. The other two components were towards higher ends. I think i can tell u what i did wrong, so that u dont make these mistakes.

i ran out of time on my 1st case, so after that i started rushing the sps, they wud be talking to me and i would cut them off to complete my history cuz i got so scared i wud run out of time again. Do not rush them.

Another thing i did wrong was when i told them possible DD and plan, i used medical terminology and completely forgot to explain it in simple words.

some of them were not satisfied with my answers to their challenging qs.

things i did right were, washed hands, was very gentle with PE, kept smiling all the time, for pts in severe pain, i tried to show with my facial expressions that i feel their pain and will do everything i can to help them.

Thanks god they barely passed me. Cuz i did mess up alot in CIS part. I took mine in philly. Ask away if u have anymore qs.

Good luck. Im heart broken myself cuz i got no interviews so far. But the least i can do is help someone else.
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  westla2018 - 12/21/17 17:39
  I learned I failed yesterday morning and just got my permit again today. I'm available for SERRIIIOOOUUUSSSS CS studying. I'm scheduled for January, but trying to reschedule last minute for before the end of the Dec. on SKYPE  
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  alimarzouk - 12/22/17 21:55
  Yeah i failed too, I took Step2it course by Dr jacob and failed ICE component i definitely do not recommend this course not enough patient interaction  
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  workhard11 - 12/23/17 08:44
  Hopeful itís not way to fornanyone. Matching got so hard because of new restriction on visa  
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  workhard11 - 12/24/17 11:31
  Did you get a date, canít find any  
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