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* Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  amikacin - 12/15/17 13:14
  Hello everyone....I am devastated to find out that I failed the exam. Gave a couple of IVs already with all positive feedback from the PDs. Now I don't think I will be able to find another date within this year to write the exam as the last day is Dec 31.
I failed the CIS section and I couldn't believe it as I have always been told that I have good interpersonal skills/ bedside manners etc.
Also spoke to ECFMG and they said they will try to expedite the process of getting the permit within 3 business days but there is no guarantee. Even if I do get the permit, I still have to get the exam date in December.
I would really appreciate your advice as to how to go about dealing with this. I am an IMG.
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  her2neu - 12/16/17 09:03
  Hi Amikacin, I'm so sorry for you. At the time I'm writing this message there are still available spots for this month. If you address your weakness within a week you might find a date and take the test before this year is over. Make sure you feel fully prepared and confident this time. This is just a hump on the road. Keep going! you can do this, I wish you the best.  
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  brakata92 - 12/16/17 09:36
  Sorry about that , I think you said you interviewed at st mary in PA on 12/11. I was also interviewing there that day. My advice is to practice for like a week or two and take a shot at it. All the best.  
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  momandphysician - 12/16/17 12:13
  Hi , am so sorry ab out that , I have a friend who failed too two months ago at Huston but why you want to do it before the end of the year , i didn't understand  
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  r0ja - 12/16/17 20:22
  can you email me at  
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  morticia - 12/17/17 16:16
  Hi Amikacin ,
Sorry to hear u failed .... I know its a very difficult situation but things happen for a reason that sometimes we dont understand but I know u will do great in ur next attempt .
I think that CIS is toughfer than what we thought ..... if i was u just focus on that and i am sure u will improve super fast most ppl failed in ICE so ur position is easy to fix ....

I wish i can help u so if u want u can contact me at
I took the test in Oct and CIS was high so i can help u if u want . I can do a case with u and go from there
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  2pac - 12/17/17 20:49
  Did they make cs harder?
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  2pac - 12/17/17 20:49
  Sorry man  
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  2pac - 12/17/17 20:51
  Try to take it again before match? I donít know?
So sorry man. So devasting this whole process
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  morticia - 12/17/17 23:38
  Yes they did make cs harder since sep 10 2017 they increased cis and sep
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* Re:Failed Step 2 CS Philly
  amikacin - 12/18/17 06:46
  Thank you, everyone, for your kind words. I have been working on weak areas and hopefully, things will work out well this time around.
@her2neu: Thank you. I have been checking their website- only see dates for January. I am still waiting for the permit and hopefully few dates will open up
@momandphysician: I have to take it by Dec 31 to get the score on time by rank order list. All the scores must be available for IMGs to participate in the match.
@morticia: Thank you so much. I will definitely contact you soon
@roja: I will contact you soon
@2pac: I would like to take the exam within this month but I am still waiting for my permit. Also, there are no dates available as of now. Hoping for cancellations
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