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* chicago notes for cs???
  tolcapone1993 - 12/24/17 10:41
  please any one has chicago notes email id is  
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* Re:chicago notes for cs???
  drjha85 - 01/05/18 15:44
  I can help for free please let me know when you are available to practice  
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* Re:chicago notes for cs???
  jacobcs - 01/05/18 16:34
  Yes, houstoncstutor and houstoncsprep tutor is a liar and conartist I also took private training class AT THE PARK INN HOTEL I WAS TRICKED by this crooked tutor, uses multiple user ids to offer tutoring crap to students that dont really need it
last user id he is using is houston-cstutor or houstoncsprep he is a fake conartist scammer tutor that makes a living ripping off students in the Park inn he is a total liar and had stole over $400 dollars from me without even showing up to my room, he gave first session free to sucker you in, then he will charge you a good deal then never show up for services, he is also a accented IMG with multiple USMLE failures on multiple attempts thats why he is doing this
Please stay away from tutors that try to teach off other peoples notes or other sources they will offer you free first time then rob you blindlLY AFTER
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* Re:chicago notes for cs???
  sameer87 - 01/05/18 19:16
  I also had the same experience this houstoncs-prep tutor guy this heinous lowlife individual is a LIAR he also makes negative remarks towards good classes like kaplan so he can make money off of you. He has nothing better to do than teach off other courses copyrighted material
he is ripping off poor students and he also scammed me, I definitely do not recommend taking training from this thief he is a scam and IMG trying to teach off kaplan notes, definitely do not recommend this fool
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* Re:chicago notes for cs???
  sameer87 - 01/05/18 19:42
  never take any training from a CS tutor that is competing with you for residency spots  
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* Re:chicago notes for cs???
  anwaribrahim - 01/05/18 20:41
  There are several criminal tutors online that are scamming people on various forums, they take money from them and never come online for services and they never show up to train people if they are giving private training
never give your money to a usmle tutor they are directly competing with you for residency spots and they want you to fail so they can have a better chance to get in ,
this happened to me and I found out that the person tutoring me failed USMLE 3 times.
please choose only established companies and established people that helped your friends pass.
You cannot trust the pathetic people that starts teaching off someone else's intellectual property and materials they have no basis to teach or credentials and no accreditation
Be very careful when you prepare for the USMLE avoid all tutors if you can
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