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* J-1 category change 2017
  pedscin16 - 05/11/17 23:18
  Hi guys! Does anyone go through the j-1 change of category process? If interested, post here to keep each other updated :)  
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* Re:J-1 category change 2017
  dcha - 05/12/17 10:09
  Yes, I do. mine is already submitted to the DoS. Waiting for the decision.
I am still confused regarding when I should resign from my current position.

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* Re:J-1 category change 2017
  pedscin16 - 05/12/17 10:39
  Hi dcha!

Awesome! I think mine has been submitted as well. It shows 0 balance on my financial account (367$ were withdrawn on Monday May 8). In the J-1 sponsorship system though it appears as it still being under review-does yours say the same? When was yours submitted?

In regards to when you should resign from your research position I think only after you receive the approval from the DoS. If you quit while your application is under review then your application will be rejected. Once we receive the approval letter we will immediately ask the International office of our current institution to release our Sevis record to Ecfmg.

Did they tell you at Ecfmg how long this will take? When I called them they said that the last 2 years the waiting time was much less than 60 days but they cannot provide me with a timeline.
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* Re:J-1 category change 2017
  dcha - 05/12/17 10:54
  Hi Pedsin16!

Per ECFMG official it is already submitted to the DoS and we should hear from them "shortly". Yes, it still sais it's under Review by ECFMG advisor.

Yeah we can not resign until we hear from them. Don't know how it will work out as I have to move to the different state and attend ACLS training, orientations etc.

Best of luck!
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* Re:J-1 category change 2017
  enchante - 05/12/17 10:57
  Are you sure about the quitting the previous research only after DOS approval. Because some of my friends already quit their research and still applied for Change of Category.  
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* Re:J-1 category change 2017
  dcha - 05/12/17 11:01
  Hi Enchante,

I was told by my current research program that if I resign my visa expires right away. want to be on the safe side so yeah not going to resign until I hear.

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* Re:J-1 category change 2017
  pedscin16 - 05/12/17 11:25
  This is not a change of category-is something very similar. And seems like a new rule from Ecfmg. It happend to a friend of mine who terminated his research program in early April. Ecfmg told him that he should still apply to the DoS to get a permission to start a new program because there is less than 6 months of gap betweeen J-1 research and clinical training. The paperwork and fees were exactly the same with change of category. In previous years the process for those terminating their J1 research before applying for J1 clinical visa was much simpler and straightforward.  
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* Re:J-1 category change 2017
  dcha - 05/12/17 11:26
  Have you ever heard anyone rejected? if yes what was the reason?  
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* Re:J-1 category change 2017
  pedscin16 - 05/12/17 11:36
  No I haven't and I am so scared as well... Ecfmg advisor told me that most of the cases go through and when someone gets rejected there is a strong reason for that, but didn't specify further. The truth is you never know. I think it is like when someone applies for a J1 clinical visa-for almost everyone it goes through successfully without issues but for very few people it doesn't... I will keep you updated if hear anything.

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* Re:J-1 category change 2017
  dcha - 05/12/17 13:12
  Sounds great!
Will keep you posted as well
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* Re:J-1 category change 2017
  pathpath - 05/12/17 17:25
  Where did you guys check your status ?  
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