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* What are the odds?
  aim4residency - 12/18/17 15:20
  Re-posting here after posting on Step 1 forum:

IMG graduated in yr 2000
Passed Step 1 in 2003 with attempts
Passed CSA in 2003 first attempt
Unfortunately never took Step 2 CK
Now have a Master's and a PhD from USA, Almost 30 publications including a book chapter, currently working full-time at an academic institution & Green card
Now. will have to take step 1 and 2CK for ECFMG certification (heard CSA will suffice Step 2 CS requirement) Urge of Residency has not gone yet :)

So what do you guys think? I know it's a tough preparation path ahead & would be all worth it at the end IF I get into residency, but if I do take the steps and get certified...What are my chances of interviews/matching? Spouse not a chief resident ;) nor any of my friends are program directors would appreciate a honest opinion.

If I do decide to go ahead...should I do step 1 for 2 first?

Thanks in advance!!! Sorry if you had to read this post twice :) Wishing you a Happy Holiday season !!!
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* Re:What are the odds?
  lingala - 12/20/17 12:32
  There are chances for you to get match, never lose hope. You need to get good scores and have continuous clinical expeirence which can help your application and having strong CV can make your application better.

It is always better to do step-1 and then take step-2, where preparation of step-1 can be helpful in preparing for step-2 and it makes preparation easy as well.
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* Re:What are the odds?
  2pac - 01/02/18 09:38
  You have green card, I would do usce now  
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* Re:What are the odds?
  aim4residency - 01/03/18 05:25
  Thank you lingala and 2pac, Happy New Year!  
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