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* Nassau University-Pediatrics
  pediafanatic - 12/20/17 20:17
  Is this a good program guys The iv was only for 5 min for most of them and they had invited around 17 to 20 candidates on each day. Didn't get a good vibe on my iv day.  
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* Re:Nassau University-Pediatrics
  pedem20178 - 12/21/17 16:15
  Yeah I remember there were a lot of applicants to this program and a hell of a lot of interview dates. My guess is that a good 400 will interview for this prog.  
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* Re:Nassau University-Pediatrics
  pediafanatic - 12/21/17 18:11
  true. and the interview i felt they just invited to look at our faces. they didnt even try to get to know your personality.  
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* Re:Nassau University-Pediatrics
  pedem20178 - 12/26/17 18:40
  Yeah. It sucked for me that the PD had to leave to go to another meeting in the middle of my interview. I think they have like 20 interview dates per month and 20 in each interview lol. I definitely will not be ranking this place in my top five, as even if I wanted to go here it is very tough to gauge how they will rank candidates.  
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* Re:Nassau University-Pediatrics
  pediafanatic - 12/28/17 17:50
  yea I agree. But to me, all the residents looked happy and the 3rd yrs have gotten into some good fellowships. They have lot of away rotations at Cohen children's which is a big plus. So take those into considerations as well. Its just their interviewing style is weird.  
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* Re:Nassau University-Pediatrics
  md2018123 - 12/29/17 09:30
  hows the hospital? the facilities? Are on campus housing/housing stipend provided? What is the salary?  
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