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* low scores
  usmleishard - 12/21/17 04:41
  step 1=203
step 2ck=230
pls guys i need help is there any hope for residency
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* Re:low scores
  parmesh495 - 12/23/17 11:47
  yes you have chances, because you have got good score in the next step. But in which specialty you are looking for and what is the YOG, do you have US LORs  
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* Re:low scores
  workhard11 - 12/24/17 21:21
  You need usce  
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* Re:low scores
  usmleishard - 12/26/17 19:50
  YOG is 2018...i will be doing USCE next year for atleast the whole year so i will get USCE before application
i want to do internal medicine,family medicine or psych
thanks a lot guys for the encourgment
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* Re:low scores
  parmesh495 - 12/28/17 11:42
  You have good chance, try to gain hands-on clinical expeirence and gain a lot of them so that you will be having a continuous experience and get LORs  
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* Re:low scores
  nanaki - 12/28/17 17:18
  All the advice above is good but does not mention the most important thing.
During your rotations you need to let people know of your intentions. Get a good heavyweight contact and get in the system. Arrive before everyone, leave late, offer to do things others don't want. Just existing there will not count and you could really use a contact to get you in.
Your step 1 score will be weeded out by some filters, that's why you need someone inside.

Do you need visa? If not that is a strong point in your favor.
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* Re:low scores
  march2018 - 01/01/18 18:56
  I have 204/233, graduated 2015, 2 months of USCE, research and publications. Got 7 interviews so far. I do not need visa. I know ppl wt better scores than me and need visa and have less interviews than me. So if you do not need visa you are totally ok :). Hope it helps  
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* Re:low scores
  workhard11 - 01/01/18 19:08
  Visa yeah itís must  
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* Re:low scores
  usmleishard - 01/01/18 20:55
  shoot...i need visa i guess i just need to work really hard on the connections
thanx all for contributions...happy new year
when people say they dont need visa it means they have Green card right
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