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* Ck attempt
  hmmak - 12/28/17 01:21
  Does anyone know if its possible to match with ck attempt ..i need ur advice to know whats my next step !  
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* Re:Ck attempt
  alezam13 - 12/28/17 20:57
  And you're gonna make one of the most important desicions in your life based on what people post here??? I'm sorry but that's just stupid. How much do you want to be a Dr here? Is not gonna be easy with a failed attempt, but I know more than a few successful histories of people with multiples attempt and at the same time you find on this forum people with 10iv who go up to you men...but I can assure you one thing, do nothing and nothing is gonna happen.  
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* Re:Ck attempt
  pediafanatic - 12/28/17 21:00
  it's definitely a big red flag. But don't let that deter your dreams.
Work hard on step 3. Do a lot of observerships in community programs and develop connections.
Apply with a strong CV directed towards your dream specialty.
Good luck
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* Re: alezam13
  hmmak - 12/29/17 03:46
  thanks for ur courageous tough words , i just feel so bad becoz ive been told that ck attempt means ill be excluded
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* Re:pediafanatic
  hmmak - 12/29/17 03:51
  i will do my best thanks for ur reply
do u know people with ck attempt who matched !

i just went to exam 2 days ago and didnt do well although ive read uw 5 times and mtb but this wasnt one of my best days
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* Re:Ck attempt
  parmesh495 - 12/30/17 06:55
  Getting attempts is a problem but you can overcome these with having lots of continuous hands-on experience and have a strong CV and have US LORs. This can help to get match.  
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* Re:Ck attempt
  march2018 - 01/01/18 18:58
  yes you can  
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* Re:Ck attempt
  nonusimg - 01/14/18 10:36
  hi hmmak
I also have attempt in ck
my details are as follows
step 1 -213
step 2 ck -235 (attempt 2)
usce- 5m
could you please let me know your details so that we can further discuss things in details
Thank you so much
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