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* Bless the Lord!! Passed on 6th Attempt
  stressed123 - 01/18/17 10:32
  Finally passed! Thank you Jesus! For those of you that only care about stats:

UW 70's-80's (subject, tutor, and have done them 4/6 attempts so a lot familiar)
Kaplan Qbank (70s, have done them once before a year ago)
NMBE 4 step 3: 250 (not the good kind, the raw score) 2 weeks before
UWSA 207 (took 1 year before and got 207) 1 week before

Real deal- 214

Now here is the history:

This was my previous post: (copy and paste)*********************

So this would be the fifth time taking this exam. I am currently in my last year residency in dermatology. My scores have been 188, 189, 186, 189, and most recent is 188. (Passing 190). I'm about to loose my $**t!!!!

What I have tried different times. MTB, UW, Kaplan, Conrad fisher videos, and this most recent time doctors in training. I really am at a loss, I have no idea what to do. As far as what is low, that depends on which time I took it. For example last time my GI was high, this time was low. Likewise for all the subjects, they vary.

BTW UWsa was 207.

I don't think it's a lack of knowledge. I really studied my a$$ off for this last one. I felt like I knew my stuff but then they ask weird a$$ questions. Really need help, any suggestions? I only have one more attempt at this!


Since that last post. I was kicked out of my program and not allowed to graduate with my class because I have not passed step three. Awesome. Very motivated now (sarcastic). Again, as I wrote before I don't believe it was a lack of knowledge problem. I knew the material and understand it really well. The way they ask the questions are very subjective an unfair. They are very dirty people!!! I attempted a tutor, then just figured out that the majority of them will tell you whatever you want to hear just as long as you pay them in the quiz you. It doesn't take long before I'm able to stumble them and ask them something where I know they are wrong. They are vipers that just want your money. Now don't get me wrong, if you have a lack of knowledge problem, that may be a tutor is what is best for you. Otherwise, most are thieves.

What I did different this time:

1. Found Jesus, not being funny. I have always been a "Christian" when my prayers are answered. Once they're not, I doubt God's existence and question everything. I cursed God. This experience finally humbled me and I spent Hours of research verifying my doubts and the experience has really brought me to become a stronger, more devout Christian.
2. As far as studying, this is what you need to do to pass the exam. The exam is dirty. There's no nice way of saying it. The design these questions for you to get them wrong. Now before everybody starts getting defensive, all this is my personal opinion. The exam no longer questions basic diagnosis basic treatment basic diagnostic test etc. etc. to pass this exam you need to do the following. What I did was, I went back to my step two CK notes, then I made my own notes. On my notes I numbered them one through five and for each disease I answered the five following five questions: 1. How does the disease present, 2. How do you diagnowe the disease, 3. When would you use those tests to diagnose, is it need, 4. What is the treatment and when do you treat, and most importantly, what required a lot of external research from journal articles or the Internet is number five. 5. How do you follow the patient and what is the Prognosis with treatment and without treatment. Now this is very very very very time-consuming, but in all honesty, it is needed to pass. Unless you are a rockstar the scores to 240s to 250s on your previous exams.

Btw, I thought I did the worst on this exam of all the previous times I've taken it. Let me know if you guys have any questions.
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* Re:Bless the Lord!! Passed on 6th Attempt
  lamonti - 01/19/17 13:14
  Congrats buddy,
Did you face basic science questions, I mean step 1 questions?
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* Re:Bless the Lord!! Passed on 6th Attempt
  stressed123 - 01/19/17 22:01
  Thanks for all the well wishes!

Doc06- I matched

Lamonti- yes, drug moa mainly and maybe 1-2 anatomy questions.

Will probably be only checking this forum for another couple of days to answer any questions… No offense, but I plan to never look at this USMLE forum ever again after this week!!! Ha ha
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* Re:Bless the Lord!! Passed on 6th Attempt
  sshariff404 - 01/20/17 01:46
  Props for not giving up.  
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* Re:Bless the Lord!! Passed on 6th Attempt
  doc0610 - 01/20/17 12:44
  @stressed123- yes, and that is amazing. i was wondering how. Derm was my dream and then slowly realized that IMGs don't have a shot at that. SO, any input on how to go about it?  
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* Re:Bless the Lord!! Passed on 6th Attempt
  patientfirst - 01/20/17 14:06
  Congratulations!! Thank Jesus :) That is awesome that you passed. I totally respect your honesty and humbleness. I, too am in a similar situation with multiple attempts. I believe going back to Step 2 is going to be key to finally passing the exam. Are you interested in passing along your notes for Step 2?

Thank you & God Bless
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* Re:Bless the Lord!! Passed on 6th Attempt
  stressed123 - 01/20/17 15:19
  Doc06- I did 3 derm electives during my fourth year and busted my butt during those electives. Showed up before the residents and pretty much did all their work before they even showed up. I impressed in every rotation and I got 4 interviews (3 were the ones I did rotation at).

Patientfirst- yeah I don't mind sharing them, don't know how I would get them to you because it's all handwritten on notebook paper and my handwriting is chicken scratch, but I don't mind trying. Also, I would recommend doing it on your own only because you tend to remember more when you look something up for yourself ( Or at least I do).
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* Re:Bless the Lord!! Passed on 6th Attempt
  sublimation - 01/21/17 08:38
  @stressed123.....You fought to the end..............Huge congratulation

@Doc06 and stressed123... I need to talk...Could you leave your skype at my email plz.??

My email=
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* Re:Bless the Lord!! Passed on 6th Attempt
  chenna - 01/22/17 23:06
  awesome perseverance ..CONGRATS  
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* Re:Bless the Lord!! Passed on 6th Attempt
  stressed123 - 01/23/17 23:24
  Thanks everyone for the kind words! Update for me, my program director just met with the medical education director and they are going to allow me to resume my residency and graduate! Truly I am blessed and could not be more amazed by the power of our lord and savior! Goodbye usmleforum, thanks for all the support I have gotten from here!  
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* Re:Bless the Lord!! Passed on 6th Attempt
  drmaafo - 01/23/17 23:49

I'm so overjoyed for you. I'm glad you're allowed to complete your program and graduate. Yes, the Lord is so good!

Thanks for all your help!
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