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* Passed step 3, score 242!
  xio75 - 07/12/17 21:21
  Glad, that I finally finished with the steps!

Materials that I used:
U world x 2
MTB x 2
Crush the step 3
Med quest videos

I studied for about 5 months, and 2 weeks before my day test, I did U world assessment test and I score 490.

Keep your spirit high studying and good luck to everyone!
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  workhard11 - 07/14/17 13:22
  The new videos r good for med q. It depends how you learn the best. I like watching it cuz it keeps me calm and focused  
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  starlighttrooper - 07/14/17 13:55
  Hey you said you studied 5 months.. how many hours a day? and are you in residency?  
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  usmlelaunch - 07/14/17 17:14
  @workhard11 , thanks for the input. I am confused as which videos to buy step2 ck/ step 3? I know CK was good I liked it. Not sure about the step 3.  
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  workhard11 - 07/14/17 17:43
  how are you confused? lol..
just googled it
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  workhard11 - 07/14/17 17:44
  step 3 med quest.. isn't this the step 3 exam?  
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  xio75 - 07/14/17 18:15
  thanks to everyone for your comments, sorry that I did not answer before.

@rossy17. I think 3 months would be enough if you are in a residency now or you did step 2 CK recently. If you feel comfortable you should go for it, everyone is different. It took me 5 months because I did step 2 CK almost 2 years ago., and I really wanted to get a good score because I did not match this year, and I hope to improve my chances next year.

@usmlelaunch. I did step 3 videos, I think they are worthy and helped me a lot. I am a person who learns a lot listening, and many times they clarified me doubts that I had and could not find answers in the books. I really loved them!

@rid 111. I understand what you said, I went through the same thing. I study alone with no partners and no tutor, so it was really hard for me to find out how to approach the CCS part of the test. What I found useful was the book Crush step 3, mainly the first 2 chapters that explain very well how to approach the cases, and it has good tips and strategies. I highly recommend you to practice the USMLE CCS and U world CCS, they were quite similar to the real ones, and I found them no difficult at all. Try to focus on preventive medicine and follow ups, as you would do in real life.

@starlighttrooper. I studied about 8 hours every day, during week days and sometimes on weekends. I am not it a residence yet. I hope to have better chances the next MATCh.

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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  sagarika123 - 07/14/17 19:14

How did u prepare for day2...
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  lamonti - 07/14/17 21:48
  Hearty congrats, buddy! Proud of you!
How did you approach drug ads, I bet they were lengthy!
Did you use other sources for biostats, other than UW step3? I mean was it enough?
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  xio75 - 07/14/17 22:32

I had a 10 days gap between both tests. Honestly after the first day I regretted that I did not schedule the second part early so I could finish with them sooner, but I think that strategie worked very well for me, because I took 1 day to recover and rest and then I started to practice just my marked questions in U world that were approximately 400, and practicing CCS in usmle practice materials that are in the web site. I used U world CCS and mapping as well. I read my notes that I took while studying and I tried to forget about the first day and only focused on day 2 to avoid getting stressed.
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  xio75 - 07/14/17 22:47
Thank you so much! I surprised myself because I was not expecting such a good score. About drugs adds were the hardest part of the test for me, they were very lengthy and there were about 2 drugs adds in each block and they were difficult, sometimes I had to guess because it took me too long to answer. I used u world, first aid step 1 and some notes that I had. I watched some Dr. RAndy Neil videos that are in YouTube. They were quite helpful.
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