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* Passed step 3, score 242!
  xio75 - 07/12/17 21:21
  Glad, that I finally finished with the steps!

Materials that I used:
U world x 2
MTB x 2
Crush the step 3
Med quest videos

I studied for about 5 months, and 2 weeks before my day test, I did U world assessment test and I score 490.

Keep your spirit high studying and good luck to everyone!
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  sagarika123 - 07/12/17 22:06
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  docradio - 07/13/17 06:57
  congrats xio75 thats a very gud score on step 3 :)

how much gap did u give for both exam days?
what did u study before the 2nd day?
ccs in exam was like uw or more vague?
what is your key advice for us all?
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  down21 - 07/13/17 10:14
  congrats. Its great score. If you have any left over reading material please share with me. My email address is  
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  xio75 - 07/13/17 10:41

Thank you! :)

I took 10 days between the 2 tests. For the first day I focused studying biostatistics and basic sciences the most, and I did a lot of questions from u world. The first day was the hardest one but was doable, I had at least a couple of minutes left on each block to review my checked questions. U world is good enough for both days, and the questions were very similar to the real ones for the CCS part. For the second day I focused doing CCS on U world, mapping and crush step 3, and I stressed my weak areas. Two days before the test, I took some time to rest, so I did not studied to much just a couple of hours. And the day before I went to bed early and thanks to God I felt rested and my mind was sharp and clear that day.

My advice would be to go back and review your first aid step 1, MTB 2 and do a brief and quick review on high yield subjects such as cardiology, psychiatry, preventive primary care, pediatrics and surgery.

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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  rossy17 - 07/13/17 11:17
  Congrats Xio :)

You think 3 months would be enough to prepare for this test? Did you get lots of Biostat?
Enjoy your success Doc :)
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  docradio - 07/13/17 12:20

thank you. All the very best to you.
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  usmlelaunch - 07/13/17 18:50
  Hey congrats... I wanted to know about medquest videos, was it worth it? did u do step 3 or step 2 videos?  
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  mousmle - 07/13/17 20:30
  Congrats...Can you help me with NBME 4 Q  
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  workhard11 - 07/14/17 10:31
  Thanks I'm using med quest, I like it  
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* Re:Passed step 3, score 242!
  rid111 - 07/14/17 11:11

I am planning on taking step 3 by mid august. I need some guidance for the CCS cases for uworld. I dont know if its just me, but I am really struggling with figuring out when to order what test, when to move the patient and then when to order the next tests at their next visits. I need help with figuring out the software and looking for a partner to do a few CCS cases to get the flow of things. Please let me know! thanks
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