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* Archer CCS Strategies discussion
  iara2 - 08/13/17 20:30
  I am compiling a thread for previous forum posts here that discussed Archer CCS strategies in detail. These seem to be very useful but scattered in forum posts. I am starting one single thread here. I will post link to the source as well. Please post if you find any and please feel free to contribute to this thread.  
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* Re:Archer CCS Strategies discussion
  iara2 - 11/22/17 00:11
Regarding COUNSELING orders and confusion!!

Archer CCS is extremely useful in clarifying how much is needed for counseling on 2 min screen. Unfortunately, UW and other CCS softwares do not specify how much is needed and what is needed leaving us to our own imagination.
You should not put routine counseling orders in unstable cases and for that matter, most inpatient cases. Some regular office cases for general check up, you can do routine counseling.
If you end up doing routine counseling on 2 min screen, you use up all the time quickly. Archer tells to make use of 2 min screen for setting up follow up monitoring of efficacy and side effects of interventions which are scored - this is why Archer says you must make use 'later" button on 2 min screen to set up monitoring.
Do not waste time on routine counseling.
Counseling gets scored only if it is "case specific" such as "sexual partner needs Rx" in case of Trichomonas case etc

If you counsel the way UW uses all routine counseling in read out cases, you will exhaust all time. What is important is monitoring orders on 2min screen not routine counseling!!

Do not forget what Archer says are most highly scored DLMTS - DIAGNOSIS, LOCATION, MONITORING, TIMING AND SEQUENCING.
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* Re:Archer CCS Strategies discussion
  iara2 - 12/08/17 09:14
  been out and did not follow this for a while. thanks Iara....please post more tips  
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* Re:Archer CCS Strategies discussion
  iara2 - 12/08/17 09:16
  ib1983 or any other, please add to thread.
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* Re:Archer CCS Strategies discussion
  2pac - 12/14/17 23:17
  Did you do the heart block case he discussed in the video?
He explained it well.
What orders you should do?
What is the treatment ?
Really good
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* Re:Archer CCS Strategies discussion
  2pac - 12/14/17 23:19
  If you see LOW k stop the clock. If itís at 3 you can give oral K. If itís lower than K admit to er and give iv K
Thatís a case he discussed with hyper aldosterone
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* Re:Archer CCS Strategies discussion
  coxii - 12/15/17 18:16
  Great thread....  
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* Re:Archer CCS Strategies discussion
  valencia - 12/29/17 07:35
  2pac, i did heart block case today. Well detailed.
The indications Archer discussed in the case are about when to give atropine, when to put trans-cutaneous pacemaker and when a trans-venous and when a permanent pacemaker.
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* Re:Archer CCS Strategies discussion
  valencia - 01/06/18 21:52
  question on IBD..,.does anyone know whether to do flex sig or colonoscopy in paient with new chronic bloody diarrhea, stool test shows blood ad wbc
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* Re:Archer CCS Strategies discussion
  iara2 - 01/08/18 01:29
  valencia, refer to Dr. Red explanation in Inflammatory bowel disease CCS. He says Flex Sig is the immediate choice as the patient comes with tenesmus and bloody diarrhea and severe symptoms. Rectal involvement likely when there is tenesmus. Most imp reason to avoid colonoscopy in acute severe IBD flare is to reduce the risk of perforation in an inflamed bowel.
Colonoscopy should be reserved for patients with mild to moderate disease by history and clinical examination.
In the case of patients presenting with acute colitis, limited examination with a flexible sigmoidoscopy may be all that is needed to establish a diagnosis.
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* Re:Archer CCS Strategies discussion
  valencia - 01/12/18 21:04
  thanks Iara  
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