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* My Experiience and results
  mapezela - 10/11/17 16:51
  I read a lot on this forum,but I hardly post or write comments.I really wish I can write a lot,but I'm just going to brief and straight to the point.
DAY ONE(SEPTEMBER 14TH):I felt like the questions were manageable but very tricky.I finished day one feeling somewhat satisfied,but the results profile showed otherwise.Questions were not really that long as some people suggested.Everything that is in the content outline is tested.Know your biostats,step 1 stuff.I mean just be thorough and you'll be fine.
DAY TWO(SEPTEMBER 20TH):Felt like the questions were longer than day one and and the difficulty level was stepped up a little bit I guess.If you're a resident or in clinical practice,you'll walk through it with ease I guess,lol. Again just be thorough with the content outline and you'll be fine.The performance profile showed that I did better on day 2 compared to day one, much to my surprise though.
CCS:The performance profile showed that I did well on CCS.I guess if you play with the primum CCS software and get to know it inside out,it's gonna pan out ok. CRUSH step 3 CCS is a pretty good source of CCS info. UWORLD CCS is equally good.I screwed up let's say 3 CCS though.
I did not take NBME since I was cash strapped.I took UWSA after the exam though.
On September 27,seven days after the exam,I decided to finally take UWSA.I did this because I heard mixed responses from people overestimates, underestimates etc.Anyway, I scored 188 on UWSA and it scared the crap out of me.Well I didn't give up and kept praying with my fingers crossed.Thank God I received the results today, which read
It's not the best but I'm grateful because my faith tells me in all things you have to give thanks to GOD.
To those who are still preparing,just fight the good fight and at the end of the day,you'll reap what you sow.
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* Re:My Experiience and results
  csinatl - 10/11/17 17:02

Can I get your email so that I can ask few questions, my exam is in November.
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* Re:My Experiience and results
  mapezela - 10/11/17 17:07
  add gmail to my ID  
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* Re:My Experiience and results
  csinatl - 10/11/17 17:26
  Thnx, I just emailed you.  
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* Re:My Experiience and results
  sb1990 - 10/11/17 18:45
  Congrats!!! I have my exam in 2 days. I wanted to ask you between UWSA and NBME which did you find to be more similar to the main exam? I did both and scored 213, and 490 respectively. Also, any last minute tips for the day 1?  
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* Re:My Experiience and results
  mapezela - 10/11/17 19:05
Well like I said,I did not take NBME and my UWSA was 188.You are almost there,don't get complacent though.
Get comfortable with CCS for day two and for day one go over MOA of most drugs and their side effects.
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* Re:My Experiience and results
  sb1990 - 10/11/17 19:14
  @mapezela thank you! I'll do that!  
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