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* Result
  pip - 12/19/17 11:04
  anyone got result today?
My exam was on 28th November.
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* Re:Result
  stemi55 - 12/19/17 11:42
  i think you get the results on wednesday or tuesday at midnight.  
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* Re:Result
  pip - 12/19/17 12:07
  link disappeard, but doest show "EXPIRED" scared...  
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* Re:Result
  needtopass3 - 12/19/17 12:14
  can you tell us about exam experience.. uw average, nmbe or uwsa
my exam in 4 weeks
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* Re:Result
  2pac - 12/19/17 12:16
  Need to pass

Lol pip is stressed, pointless q to ask now
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* Re:Result
  pip - 12/19/17 14:15
  Exam experience.
1 st day. Questions where from everywhere-step 1,2 and step 3....Longer than day 2. Statistics doable. If you master the UW statistics I think you will answer without problem.

2nd day. Questions where much shorter and easier (tha's my feeling).
Clinical cases, where simple cases mostly covered on UW. Pts. were improving except the last case, I was tired and was not thinking properly. Pts. was in ER very sick....needed surgical consult, I was doing everything in ER and was not improving and case stopped (I screwed up that case).

Studying material:
UW x 2
Master the board 3 on/off
UW cases 2 times
Archer prerecorded

If you have any other question please feel free.

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* Re:Result
  2pac - 12/19/17 15:07
  Please tell us if fa step 1 is sufficent which topic  
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* Re:Result
  pip - 12/19/17 16:05
  I never did FA step 1, but if I have to do I will do Pharma MOA, Side Effects....

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* Re:Result
  pip - 12/20/17 01:02
  I just got result and I failed. Day one failed on left, Day two passed. I think the Gap between step 2 and 3 cost me.
Any advice would appreciated.
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* Re:Result
  tklerts - 12/20/17 02:19
  Focus on CCS to do really well next time.

Focus on improving your weak areas. Pull up that Day 1 performance to at least borderline. Use a good CCS score to put you over the top.

How many points did you fail by?

I would start off with I suggested above. Put all your energy into CCS and after you've mastered it focus on topics which you scored in the lower performance. Don't bother focusing on any topic which you performed borderline or in the higher performance area now.

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* Re:Result
  tklerts - 12/20/17 02:20
  How did you do in biostats and ethics?  
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