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* Passed :) My experience
  maher87 - 12/20/17 11:14
  Hey guys... I would like to share my experience may it will help you in order to study this Test.

I need to do Step 3 within 2 months so I studied for 2 months almost 4-5 hours daily , and 7-9 hours in weekends.

I read from first aid (Cardio, Neuro, Psychiatry and ID). I read Ethics from Kaplan 100 cases.

I studied U-World 3 times (first time on-line 70.6%)... Studied U-world mean I did the questions then I read the explanation in detail , sometimes I read the subject from the first aid or from the internet to review it.
I did the Biostatistics U-world and Biostatistics from step 1 and step 2.

I did the UW-SA 2 weeks before the test, my score was 203. In my opinion the UW-SA doesn't at all touch the real test. UW-SA 4 blocks with 6 questions in all the blocks about Biostatistics. No Advertisement. Not much ethics and basics. In addition to that no CCS cases. So do it to see if you can finish the blocks on time! to see how much you concentrate in answering. But don't compare it with the real exam.

CCS i did the U-world 51 cases 2 times and read the 41 cases once before the second day.

First day: THE HARDEST. 6 Blocks 38-40 Qs each block for an hour. Biostatistics Qs 4-6qs in each block. 3 Advertisements for new drug or study or diagnostic test . one in each block with 2-3 questions in each one.
(my performance in the real test was 1 star in the lower performance 6 strs in the boarder line and 3 stars in the higher performance ) The worst is Biostatistics and Epidemiology (I spend much time in Biostatistics but it was not enough)
My advice: Study well the Biostatistics ( I don't know how but it is really important). Don't waste time in the advertisement qs u know or u don't know and pass it.

Second day: Qs much easier. Diagnosis and treatment. If you are resident with some experience you will feel it easy. Very close to the ideas in Uworld qs.
CCS 3 out of 13 the same of Uworld. That make it easy that u know ur management is right. First case was very hard and i am still thinking of the patient what he had. But I did step by step he improved a little with my pain management (that what they said) but he didn't improve and I didn't know what he had so I didn't know how to treat.
One case I forgot to consult surgery so I think that was the last thing I should did .
Others were really straight forward. Don't think much just do it right.
It is much slower than the U-world. I really struggled in the last 2 minutes in each case because the system was crazy slow. When I needed to order something later the calendar took forever to upload.
(My performance MCQs 1 star in the boarder line and 10 stars in higher performance. CCS 2 stars in the boarder line and 12 stars in the higher performance.)
My advice: in your days between the 2 days study the CCS very well and how to manage fast.

Relaxed for 3 weeks then waited the week of my result. On Midnight (Sunday to Monday) the "permit" from Interactive Website disappear after few hours the "status" in the FSMB website change from Active to Expired without a like to reapply (which is meaned I passed)
Midnight Tues-Wed my result released in the Interactive Website. Wed 10 am I received and email and my status in FSMB website changed to "Scored". My score 215

Good luck for you all. And GOOD BYE USMLE
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* Re:Passed :) My experience
  2pac - 12/20/17 11:28
  Thanks man. Itís a tough exam. Did you find there was a lot of step 1 info? If so which subject you recommend?  
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* Re:Passed :) My experience
  maher87 - 12/20/17 11:36
  You are welcome 2pac.
It is depend in your basic. As I posted, I recommend to study Biostatistics and ethics very well. Review the mechanism of action for the most important Drugs from Pharma. Physiology and Pathology simple things not much.
I can say no Anatomy, No biochem.
Study well and study smart.
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* Re:Passed :) My experience
  zainmd - 12/20/17 12:57
  Congrats Maher. You have a really good score.
Are you in residency? For CCS, did you do Archer or Mapping or is UWORLD CCS enough? What was your strategy for the CCS cases?

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* Re:Passed :) My experience
  maher87 - 12/20/17 13:09
  Thanks zainmd.

Yes I am a senior pediatric resident in Jordan. I didn't have time for Videos. I was planning to start with UWORLD cases and when I found it rich and enough I decided not to watch Archer's.

Now I can say I am glad I didn't waste time with Videos. If you study the UWORLD cases very well you can do well in the test. If you have time watch Archer.
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* Re:Passed :) My experience
  zainmd - 12/20/17 19:33
  Thanks Maher.
Good luck for the match !!
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