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* Doctor's facial expressions...
  goldenlife - 12/22/17 04:21
  Should doctor control their facial expressions? Do you control your facial expression when interacting with patients?  
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* Re:Doctor's facial expressions...
  reactant - 12/22/17 12:21
  Of course you have to control your facial expression, its part of being a professional. Facial expressions are one of the many non-verbal cues our bodies give. Often they communicate our honest thoughts.

Patients are very perceptive. The moment they reveal to you a sensitive topic that they are insecure about many of them are watching you very closely to see how your react. Any facial expression you give may feed into their anxiety and social insecurity. Keep a calm demeanor and act like you hear this all the time.

When a patient has a vaginal infection and you need to inspect, don't frown with the smell or wince your eyes. Keep a calm demeanor neutral demeanor. Make sure not to comment on the smell. Most likely the embarrassed patient will notify you that it smells.

In short, be professional.
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