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* ethics and biostat
  sana85 - 12/30/17 14:53
  hello everyone, need help for step 3 ETHICS and BIOSTAT, i feel im v v poor in these 2 subjects, im almost done with rest of preparation ,...can anyone please suggest me which book is best for encompassing the hurdles we feel in exam. Anyone who has given exam and passed it and feels like he or she excels in these subjects plz suggest us and guide..thanks  
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* Re:ethics and biostat
  gursel - 01/04/18 03:17
  It all depends on your strength in biostats, if you feel well prepared and ready for the exam, just do one book. But if you don't, $20 is not a big deal. I did both books and they are good.

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* Re:ethics and biostat
  sana85 - 01/04/18 07:13
  Thanku Grusel
Plz do tell
Do they have Questions to Solve or itís just the theory to read ?
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* Re:ethics and biostat
  gursel - 01/04/18 07:19
  Words of the board has theory and questions  
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* Re:ethics and biostat
  sana85 - 01/04/18 07:27
  Ok Thanku
Really appreciate your input

Surprised that USMLE BIOSTAT review doesnít have Questions!!
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