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* ethics and biostat
  sana85 - 12/30/17 14:53
  hello everyone, need help for step 3 ETHICS and BIOSTAT, i feel im v v poor in these 2 subjects, im almost done with rest of preparation ,...can anyone please suggest me which book is best for encompassing the hurdles we feel in exam. Anyone who has given exam and passed it and feels like he or she excels in these subjects plz suggest us and guide..thanks  
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* Re:ethics and biostat
  noaman - 12/31/17 09:37
  Everybody has issues with biostats and difficult time understanding and digesting the subject, so you are not alone. Use UW review and kaplan biostats from step 1. Words of the boards is a very nice review, it covers both biostats and medical research interpretation.  
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* Re:ethics and biostat
  sana85 - 12/31/17 10:48
  thanks alot noaman . im going through step 1 Qbank stuff right now hopefully it will turn out helpful. if any need i will for sure ask ..  
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* Re:ethics and biostat
  sana85 - 12/31/17 10:49
  UW REVIEW is Qbank of step 3 ?  
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* Re:ethics and biostat
  bilgiat - 12/31/17 13:21
  thanks noaman. where do you get the words for the boards from?  
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* Re:ethics and biostat
  noaman - 12/31/17 13:24
  bilgiat: words for the boards is from here:

Sana: I meant UW biostatics review
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* Re:ethics and biostat
  sana85 - 12/31/17 13:32
  OK got it
thanks noaman.
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* Re:ethics and biostat
  sana85 - 12/31/17 14:32
  Anyone plz do tell the difference btw Attributable risk and Attributable risk percent?

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* Re:ethics and biostat
  noaman - 12/31/17 14:56
  attributable risk is incidence in exposed- incidence in non exposed
attributable risk percent is (incidence in exposed- incidence in non exposed) / incidence in exposed
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* Re:ethics and biostat
  sana85 - 12/31/17 16:27
  So i got that right too, yayy!!!
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* Re:ethics and biostat
  sana85 - 01/03/18 21:54
  Can aanyone Plz tell that For Biostat review “WORDS FOR THE BOARDS REVIEW “ is good or BIOSTAT 20$ one on USMLE STEP 3 QBANK WEBSITE is good?
( just wana spend money on the good useful one )


Plz do tell do they have QUESTIONS or it’s just the Theory to read?
Thanks a lot of anyone bothers to reply this
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